Have you ever wondered what is difference between a quartz and an automatic watch? If so, then you may be interested in purchasing one and want to know which one suits you best.

In the following Armando-G’s article we are going to explain all the qualities that characterize each watch, so that you can differentiate them and thus be able to choose which one suits you better. Each watch has its pros and cons, so pay attention.

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Difference between a quartz watch and the automatic one: attributes and characteristics

Quartz watches

First of all, you should know that up to the 90% of watches on the market today are quartz watches, and their main characteristic is that they work through a mechanism that, as its name suggests, is made of quartz.

When the quartz receives the electrical current generated by the battery vibrates about 33 times per second and these vibrations are converted into impulses, these go through the motor, and are what make the hands move.

As we have already said, quartz watches have certain advantages over automatic watches. Some of them are the following:

  • Accuracy: this one’s very important as we all want a watch capable of always indicating the exact time. By having a mechanism based on a quartz crystal, this type of watch is more precise than automatic watches.

  • Autonomy: quartz watches incorporate a battery which is responsible for powering the circuit through which the vibrations of the quartz crystal will drive the clock hands. Therefore, as long as its battery lasts, this type of clock will always be running and it will not be necessary to set the time. The automatic watch, however, will stop working when not in use, so it will need to be reset later.

difference between a quartz watch and an automatic one
  • Price: quartz watches can be cheaper than automatic models, as an artisan performs a high precision work and this has a higher price.

  • Weight: something that characterizes quartz watches is that they are usually lighter than automatic ones. This is because automatic watches include a big amount of metallic parts and have more complicated gears, which slightly increases their weight compared to quartz models. This also affects the thickness, as it is easier to get a flat design on quartz watches than on automatic models.

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Automatic watches

The remaining 10% of watches on the market are automatic watches with movement, and automatic watches fall into this category. These are also known as wind-up watches, but they differ in that they are capable of winding themselves through the movement of the wearer’s arm. This is achieved thanks to a rotor that, by means of said movement, rotates around a pivot to activate the mechanism that loads the spring.

Characteristics of automatic watches

As with quartz watches, automatic watches also offer a series of advantages that make them a more than interesting option. The main ones are the following:

difference between a quartz watch and an automatic one
  • Duration: automatic mechanical watches have been designed to last a lifetime. Even if the get any kind of damage they can always be repaired by a watchmaker. Another perk is that it does not matter that there are no spare parts for that specific model, because the parts that have been damaged can still be replaced.

  • Sustainability: quartz watch batteries usually last about a year, so they need to be discarded and changed often. That, in the long run, can be a significant source of contamination. Automatic watches, however, do not use batteries of any kind, so their use does not involve pollution of any kind. Of course, another added benefit will be that you won’t have to worry about the watch running out of charge while you’re wearing it.

  • Conservation: an automatic watch can remain unused for years and will continue to function like it’s new. As they do not have batteries there is no risk that the sulphate contained in these batteries will damage the internal mechanisms of the watch. Its mechanisms, moreover, have been designed to last a long time.

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Now you know the difference between a quartz watch and an automatic one. As you have seen, each one has different qualities and different advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when buying a watch, you should assess which one best suit your style.

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