URSUS – Automatic Watch and jewelry Safe

Luxurious and exclusive safes to store your watch and jewelry collection

With URSUS we enter a world in which beauty, aesthetics, exclusivity, luxury, comfort and practicality merge to store our watches and other jewellery, with all the pieces always ready and prepared for us to use them at any time and in any situation we decide.

The URSUS Series is made up of different models of exclusive and beautiful safes for storing all types of watches, whether or not they are automatic, and other jewellery or valuables.

URSUS has three different capacities: Up to 12, 24 and 36 watches depending on the model selected as S, M and L. All watches can be stored with or without their AG watch winders or automatic winding rotors.

URSUS can be configured internally with different options. It is our best known and best selling range for several reasons. Its sophistication, the care and detail of the finishes or the simplicity of use are factors that explain the reasons for its popularity.

It is beautiful, it is exclusive and it is very, very practical and comfortable in its use and function.

luxury watch safe

What’s more, with URSUS we offer the possibility of installing upper and lower drawers for, for example, your pens, jewellery and other valuables and collectibles as well as small documents of any kind.

In this case, this is a unique and exclusive safe, handcrafted to order and specially made for each customer. A fine and luxurious box for the home, very comfortable and practical, which has all the security elements necessary for you to keep and show to your circle of friends all your watch collection with security, confidence and total peace of mind.

Inside, to make it an even more functional safe, apart from the high and low drawers prepared to store all kinds of jewellery such as rings and earrings, we can add static holders without rotation for your hand-wound watches, battery operated watches or also to store bracelets and bracelets. With this line, we offer a high degree of customisation, always depending on the specific needs of each of our customers.

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Other possibilities and characteristics of the URSUS line

Inside it has an LED lighting system, a vanity mirror, automatic chargers for your watches, an automatic lock release system, an automatic bolt locking system so as not to damage the door in the event of accidental closing, a fingerprint reader and a dehumidifier… 

If we look at the finishes, we can make them in top-quality black velvet, giving it a touch of sophistication and elegance that will take your breath away.

As for the URSUS exteriors, the finishes can be painted with high-gloss lacquer or in leather, natural or synthetic, high quality in both cases and in different colours.

Data Sheet

We manufacture the URSUS Series models always following the European standard EN 1143-1, with or without certification, and in this case, up to security level III, always depending on the needs and criteria of our customers. Other security levels are possible on request.

URSUS comes as standard:

  • Off Black (dark grey) painted exterior finish. Other colours available on request.

  • Electronic combination lock.

  • Vanity mirror on the rear of the door.

  • Interior lined with black velour fabric.

  • Interior set of cells prepared to accommodate drawers suitable for storing watches and various items of jewellery.

  • Front covering of the AG watch winders or winding rotors with top quality leather.

  • Automatic re-locking system in the event of a direct attack on the door lock.

  • Locking system of the locking pins to prevent the door from being closed with the locking pins facing outwards, which could damage the painted or leather exterior of the safe.

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Some of the options available:

  • LED lighting on the interior with sensor-activated door opening.

  • Interior dehumidification device by controlled heat emission.

  • Addition of key or fingerprint system to the standard electronic combination lock.

  • Coating of the front of the drawers with top quality natural leather, eco-leather, wood or metallic finish painted or lacquered in the same colour as the outside of the box.

  • Exterior finish in top quality natural leather, eco-leather or lacquered. All in different colours available.

  • Others on request.

This model was exhibited at several editions of BaselWorld.

To request a detailed quote or more information, just contact our sales department. It is very simple, you can email us at the email address info@armando-g.com, phone us at 93 636 14 16, or fill in the following form with your personal data, so that one of our sales representatives can call you shortly.

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