If you are looking to buy a safe in Barcelona, at Armando-G we have developed a unique catalogue where luxury and security prevail. In this way, you can store valuable items such as watches and jewellery practically without having to compromise on beauty.

Quality is the first value proposition you’ll find in our special selection. To that, in addition, is added the exclusivity, sophistication, and the fact that our products are made by experts in an artisanal way.

Types of luxury safes you can find in Armando-G

Taking a few minutes to discover Armando-G’s proposals is mandatory if you are interested in buying a safe in Barcelona. Within our catalogue of safes, you have the possibility of getting hold of various types of items to store the products you collect exclusively and safely.

Discover the best proposals and get the one that best suits your needs. Always, of course, knowing that your luxury objects will always be safe from the hand of Armando-G.

Armando-G Quality Assurance
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Watch displays

Watch displays will become the best option to keep your automatic watches safe. Specially designed to store and display these luxury items at the same time, in Armando-G you will find several options that will not leave you indifferent.

Luxury safes

In our catalogue you can also find personalized safes, made by experts in an artisanal way, beauty, and security are guaranteed. In addition, you can customize them to your liking so that they fit perfectly with your needs.

Safety cabinets

On the other hand, you will not want to miss the opportunity to get the ideal compliment to Armando-G luxury safes. The safety cabinets in our catalogue combine concepts such as design, safety, and practicality to make your life easier.

The most representative models of luxury safes of Armando G

When buying a safe in Barcelona and choosing the model that best suits your needs, you should know all those that are part of the Armando-G catalogue to be sure to make your decision right.

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Safety cabinet model Tube

The Tube model is one of the most representative of our catalogue of watch exhibitors. It is an exclusive and timeless wardrobe perfect for storing both watches and jewellery safely. 

Made in display format, thanks to it, you can show the world your collection without fear that something could happen to you. Of course, all surrounded by great beauty thanks to its elegant finishes. 

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Glass Tube watch display safety cabinet

Another of the displays of watches that cannot miss is the Glass Tube model. Made of steel and with a glass door, it is one of the best options to store safely and show at the same time what you keep inside.

Glass Tube Urban watch display safety cabinet

The safety cabinets of the Glass Tube Urban Series are made in an artisanal way. This means that they have the best quality in both their fabrics and their materials, a characteristic that makes these models exclusive and luxury.

Brutus Luxury Safe

The Brutus model is a luxury and handcrafted safe designed to adapt to the needs of each type of client. In this case, it is designed to hold the rotors for watches.

It is part of the basic line and, for this reason, cannot be customized internally. However, thanks to its elegant finishes, it will be a safe bet to safeguard your collection.

buy safe Barcelona
buy safe Barcelona

Ursus Luxury Safe

The Ursus model is a tailor-made safe that you can customize according to your tastes. In this case, you can design the interior space and customize the box in a unique and exclusive way.

In addition, you can also design the exterior appearance of it. In this way, you will obtain a luxury object that will become another piece of your collection for its elegance and sophistication. You will feel proud to be able to admire it and show it to others.

Display and luxury safe Ursus Glass

The Ursus Glass luxury safe is a model whose interior you can also design. You can also add a safety glass to be able to show the world your objects without any fear.

On the other hand, you can also choose your exterior finishes. Again, you will get an object of luxury and desire capable of attracting attention thanks to the elegance it transmits, while you can admire your entire collection at any time.

Luxury safe Gladior

The Gladior model is one of the most sophisticated you can find in the Armando-G catalogue. One of the characteristics for which it attracts the most attention is due to its care and unique design, which makes it an exclusive object. In addition, just open the door to admire all the pieces it keeps inside. It is an option designed for collectors of jewellery, watches, fountain pens, as well as any other valuable object.

Trust Armando-G and buy your safe in Barcelona

As you can see, if you are looking to buy a safe in Barcelona, in Armando-G models you will find the best solution for your luxury watches and jewellery. Unique, handcrafted and with a great commitment to design, our luxury safes will be another piece of your collection. Call us at +34 93 636 14 16 or write to us at info@armando-g.com, tell us what your needs are, and we will explain which model of safe best suits your collection. Your satisfaction is our main objective.

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