A large security cabinet to store your safes inside

A large, modular and expandable security cabinet for your URSUS safes to create a truly secure enclosure for your valuables

With TROIANO we present you with a large security cabinet, which has a space made up of hardened steel panels, which give rise to a large cabinet/box, allowing you to keep your most valuable belongings protected.

As for its interior, it can be customized with all kinds of panels, such as perforated panels, which allow you to hang heavy objects, whether they are weapons (depending on the legislation of the country), paintings, sculptures, works of art in general…

On the other hand, we also often install our URSUS safes inside to store your watch and jewellery collections. No one can imagine all that it is and keeps inside, just as it happened with Troy and his horse. That’s where this spectacular large security cabinet gets its name from… TROIANO.

If we look at its exterior, we can see that it is made of steel or stainless-steel plates, always to be chosen depending on the level of security required. We also offer different options, colours, and finishes manufacturing the safe you have in mind. 

In short, it is very versatile, and its module-based system makes it possible to customize its depth and, therefore, its volume, adapting it completely to your needs.

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Armarios de seguridad

Other elements of our TROIANO safety enclosure

First, we would like to point out that TROIANO is equipped with a lighting and air renewal system. For proper lighting, we install an LED system with power sockets, and for air renewal we use timers as well as heat emitters for heating. This is important, as it avoids external factors that can affect your collection, such as humidity or corrosion. 

On the other hand, TROIANO allows the door to be completely and securely closed once inside, allowing those who are handling valuable objects and collections to do so without worry. It also has an electronic lock and if this is not enough, we have different options to increase the degrees of security.

“With Troiano, you can rest easy and keep your best collections of watches, jewellery, and other valuables safe. All in one place, in the room of your dreams”.

Juan Barberán, director and owner of Armando-G.

Technical specifications

TROIANO comes as standard:

  • Equipped with LED interior lighting, power socket, timed air renewal system and heating to protect against humidity and subsequent corrosion.

    Other options are available on request.

  • Complying with safety legislation, depending on the model and level of security required by the customer.

  • Opening and closing system from the inside.

  • Autonomous locking system with alarm. Optionally, with the possibility of connection to an Alarm Centre.

Making an investment such as this model of large security cabinet or safe may raise certain doubts or questions. To receive personalized advice and request a quote, simply contact our sales department. 

Call us on 93 636 14 16, send an e-mail to, or fill in the following form with your personal details. We will contact you to guide you, advise you and help you in everything you need.

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Other technical data

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