Armando-G tells you about the distinctive features of these watches

Within the luxury market and the high-end collections, the automatic watches continue to reach heights that distinguishes them from other essential elements for the knowledgeable public.

Over the years, automatic watches have been a breakthrough when it comes to developing new pieces that make them be almost priceless. But what are the characteristics of an automatic watch? What defines this type of watches?

Through this article by Armando-G, you will be able to learn more about its main characteristics and recommendations to get the perfect automatic watch for your day to day.

The difference between investing in a valuable work of art and a jewel that will have to be cared for, for many years, can be seen when we buy an automatic luxury watch.

An entire feat of engineering that, when finished, is simply extraordinary with hundreds of pieces that work together in perfect synchrony to establish the operation and mechanism of a watch that, as is the case with quartz watches, can be obtained on the market at an affordable price.

To the question: what are the characteristics of an automatic watch? The answer is simple: it refers to the worked (and previously analysed) chain of gears, springs and rotating weights that, in a synchronized way, are capable of keeping the watch in constant movement.

characteristics of an automatic watch

These are the characteristics of an automatic watch

characteristics of an automatic watch

Nowadays, the vast majority of watches that are in demand in this luxury and collector’s market are, mainly, automatic and with a good dose of technology for their manufacture and subsequent use.

Well-known brands in the sector such as Patek Philippe, Rolex and Cartier, among others, make up the majority of the automatic luxury watch market.

In the past, all watches had to be worked manually, constantly turning the crown to make it work (by squeezing the spring inside the watch so that its hands could turn). Over time and due to experience, the creativity and effectiveness has permitted a new way of creating automatic luxury watches.

Origins of the wristwatch

Among the main characteristics of an automatic watch, regarding the performance, we must highlight that they are a mechanical product.

These watches are mechanical product

Which doesn’t require a battery to make it work, since the energy to move the internal part of it is collected directly by the movement of the body, meaning that the watch it is charged automatically while its being worn.

This can be achieved thanks to the internal rotor, which is responsible for generating the necessary energy that is obtained by the swing we make when we are in motion: going from here to there or performing any kind of task.

Improved performance

In matters of performance, the automatic watch is much more improved compared to the old wind-up watches, since it, you don’t need to turn the crown if you want to charge it.

Without batteries

Unlike battery-powered or quartz watches, an automatic watch does not require battery replacement because the watch doesn’t need it. This makes it a more ecological and sustainable watch, and it also means a significant saving in batteries.

Smooth and elegant sound

Despite being somewhat difficult to perceive, the sound produced by automatic watches is different from that emitted by traditional ones, being softer and more sensitive.

Increasingly accurate

Regarding the precision when measuring time, automatic watches are still at the forefront, being more and more precise and, consequently, increasing its price in the market.

characteristics of an automatic watch

The power reserve: a characteristic of vital importance of an automatic watch

The so-called power reserve is essential when wearing an automatic watch, which is recommended to be worn constantly and continuously to prevent it from stopping.

This means that the power reserve is key to knowing how long it can be left unused until it stops. In case of exhausting said reserve, it will only be necessary to put it back at the established time and start using it with absolute normality.

They work with kinetic energy

Automatic watches take advantage of the kinetic energy generated by the human body to establish its mechanism and movement automatically, unlike the old wind-up watches.

The characteristics of an automatic watch are all advantages

The advantages and qualities that automatic watches currently offer are endless. Luxury brands such as Hublot, Richard Mille, Festina or Viceroy, have shown the quality that their brand-new model’s have.

With prices adapted to any type of profile that make the automatic watch something unique, elegant and with an exclusive design, made with elements such as stainless steel, titanium, gold, and diamonds.

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