Our beginnings

Founded in 1986, our company began with the manufacturing of specialized polyethylene and shrink film packaging systems. We later developed systems using cardboard, for medium to large size products in the furniture sector and a variety of other industries in the automobile, textile and construction sectors.
Currently our systems and machines are installed in manufacturing facilities around the world. In addition we work very closely with a large German industrial machinery manufacturer in producing turnkey installations. My hobby and passion has always been watches, not just for their aesthetic value but also for the intricate craftsmanship of their mechanism. The experience we gained through years of work in the heavier industrial sector has only increased my respect for the workmanship involved in the delicate and precise movements of a watch’s mechanism.
In 2009 this led to the creation of a new division within our company: Armando-G. AG was launched to introduce new aspects and interesting new developments in the area of safe and secure storage for your valuables. While security is paramount, we believe that we have succeeded in providing products with a modern aesthetically pleasing design and of the highest quality that are also practical, beautiful and which can be easily integrated into any home environment.
In addition, we offer unique possibilities to customize our products, making each product exclusive and unique to your requirements. Here’s the result.


The essence of the handcraft

In AG Lux Safes we strongly believe that passion for a product is demonstrated in the delicately and precise love for detail. That is why both our luxury safety cabinets and our luxury safes are handcrafted.
We take care of the entire process: from design until delivery, without forgetting the finish quality.
Our master craftsmen, with decades of experience in the industrial sector, manufacture the safes piece by piece and assemble them manually.

In AG Lux Safes we don’t believe in hurry. We believe in work of the highest standards that allows us to offer meticulous, incomparable and exclusive finishes, always according to our customers’ wishes.

Luxury Safes


Elegance and Luxury are universal

That is why we sell and deliver all over the world. Both safety cabinets and safes can be carefully sent to any corner of the globe. We handle the packaging with the same care and attention we put in the safes themselves.

In essence, we leave nothing to chance.