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Luxury Safes

The origin of Armando-G

Armando-G is a division of CMB that was born in 2009. But our origins go back to 1986, when we started to work as manufacturers of packaging facilities using stretch or heat-shrinkable polyethylene film, and later also with corrugated cardboard, for medium and large size products. We started specializing mainly in the wood and furniture sector, although with a growing presence in other areas (automobile, textile, construction, etc.).

Nowadays, there are installations and machines developed by our engineers all over the world and, on the other hand, we also collaborate closely with the large German industrial groups, dedicated to the manufacture of machinery.

In 2009, as a result of a personal hobby and passion for everything this represents, and after the experience gained during the years spent in the industrial sector, we created a new division of the company, with a completely different brand and image, called Armando-G (AG), in which we opened a new line of business, which consists of the design and artisanal manufacture of luxury safes and watch cabinets.

We believed that we could contribute a new point of view in a sector in which, from the beginning, we were able to make interesting advances. Today, we have grown a lot and we have different lines of both safes and watch cabinets, designed on four fundamental values: modernity, aesthetics, comfort and security.

We try to integrate them perfectly into the majority of existing environments in our clients’ homes. We offer a high degree of customization and we work with different materials, which make up the different options we have available, to ensure that each piece is exclusive, unique and tailor-made. Here is the result…

Armando-G: the essence and passion of artisans

At Armando-G we firmly believe that the passion for a product is demonstrated with delicacy and with attention to the details. Both our luxurious cabinets and our spectacular safes are handcrafted from start to finish.

We take care of the entire process: from initial design to delivery to the customer, without forgetting manufacture or personalization of the details.

Our master craftsmen, with decades of experience in the industrial sector, make safes piece by piece and assemble them manually.

That is why at Armando-G we do not believe in rush, but in a job well done, which allows us to offer detailed, incomparable and exclusive finishes, always to the customer’s taste.


Armando-G: elegance and luxury are universal

For this reason, we sell our products anywhere in the world. Both safes and watch cabinets can be carefully shipped to all corners of the globe. We treat the packaging with the same care that we put in the safes.

In essence, we leave nothing to chance.