Armando-G helps you identify those elements that can be harmful to your watch

To take good care of it, it is essential to know the main enemies of a luxury watch. But it is not enough just to identify which elements can be harmful to your watch. If you want to keep your watch in perfect condition, you must maintain it well and prevent the main enemies from affecting its quality. 

Through this article, you will be able to know which are those enemies and also the best tips to keep them in perfect conditions that we want to share with you from Armando-G.

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List of the main enemies of a luxury watch

Below, we will let you know the main enemies of a luxury watch so that you can avoid that your watch may stop working perfectly. So, here we go! Don’t forget to take note!

Extreme temperatures are one of the main enemies of a luxury watch

Very high or very low temperatures can alter the condition of your watch. This is why Armando-G advises you never to leave it in temperatures that tend to be very high or relatively low for very long periods of time. Although there may be watches prepared to withstand them, it is advisable to consult the manual.

Likewise, it is best to keep it safe and away from extreme environmental elements. For this reason, we recommend that you avoid placing your watch in temperatures above 60 degrees or below 0 degrees. If the temperature drops, wear your watch on your wrist, as this will keep it at your body temperature.

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Be careful where you leave your watch when you are not wearing it. Occasionally, the wardrobes or dressing rooms in which these objects are kept can leave these little treasures exposed to the outside temperature. Armando-G recommends that you take a look at our wristwatch safes to give you peace of mind.

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Another big enemy: chemicals

Chemicals such as acids, solvents or alkaline chemicals are big enemies of luxury watches. Avoid contact with them when wearing your watch.  

If you plan to handle such chemicals, remove them and store them safely, as you may expose your watch to danger if you do not do so.  Furthermore, avoid wearing your luxury watch when it is exposed to lacquers, detergents, and chemicals that are potentially corrosive.

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Strong magnetism is a major enemy of luxury watches

Strong magnetism is another big enemy of luxury watches, as it can have severe effects on the watch, leading to deterioration. Excessive magnetism can cause your watch to run faster or slower than usual, which can affect time accuracy significantly.

It can also happen that the watch stops working completely. If this happens, Armando-G recommends that the watch be de-magnetised immediately by a service technician.

Sun and sand: sworn enemies of luxury watches

As far as the sun is concerned, UV rays, in addition to the temperature, tend to affect not only the lubricants of the watch, but also the characteristics and colours of the piece. 

As for sand, the grains that make up sand can damage your watch, such as the anti-reflective treatment of your sapphire crystal. It should also be noted that sand is very harmful to certain metals.

Humidity is also a great enemy of a luxury watch

When the crown of a watch is open and there is a high degree of humidity, the water-resistant seals are not sufficient. Very few luxury watches can be worn underwater.

Humidity, as the enemy of the luxury watch, can ruin them completely. If you take good care of your watches with the above-mentioned tips, you can enjoy them for a long time.

Would you like Armando-G to help you fight the main enemies of a luxury watch?

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