If you want to bet on a unique, valuable and modern object at the same time, you should discover some of the best automatic watches for women. These types of watches are characterized by their authenticity and good taste, so they will be a key piece in your jewellery box.

The best automatic watches for women have something in common: they all have a significant value, so they stop being fashion accessories to become a luxury piece that you can wear on any occasion. For this reason, having one will be what makes the difference in your collection.

In case you do not know which one to decide, since there are more and more pieces that can be found in the market, we show you some of the best proposals for this Christmas.

Parts of an automatic watch

4 exclusive automatic watches for women to give these holidays

Next, from Armando-G we present a selection of 4 models of automatic watches for women:

Reloj Tudor Black Bay 36

If you are looking for the best automatic watch for women, which is sober and sporty style, then the Tudor Black Bay 36 watch is the best choice for you. It is a model that comes with the blue dial and sapphire glass, which stands out for its optimal resistance. Its bracelet has a satin finish, with folding closure and safety closure.

Best Automatic Watches for Women
Best Automatic Watches for Women

Reloj Rolex Lady-Datejust

The Lady-Datejust offers a wide variety of modalities among which its wearer will always find the one that reflects her personality. It is available in different case sizes and finishes in Oystersteel, yellow, white or 18 ct Everose gold or in Rolesor version that combines Oystersteel with one of the three varieties of gold (white, yellow and Everose).

Women’s automatic watch, Tag Heuer Carrera Date

In the simplicity of the small details is the difference, and this is demonstrated from Tag Heuer with this automatic watch that is already one of the classic models of the brand. Unlike previous models, Carrera’s new design features the updated brand logo and calendar indicator is presented with a thinner frame.

Best Automatic Watches for Women
Best Automatic Watches for Women

Longines Elegant Collection 25

Quality is paramount in this Longines analogue and automatic watch. True to the classic style, it is a simple piece that stands out, above all, for its efficiency. In this case, we are talking about a design with matte white steel dial, with rose gold details, which make it an ideal accessory for a modern and elegant woman. 

Store your luxury automatic watches with maximum security

Whether you are going to release your first luxury watch, or if you already have a collection, storing this type of object in a safe for automatic watches will be the best decision. For this, in Armando-G you will find an extensive list of alternatives that will offer you safety, beauty, and practicality at the same time. 

Armando-G Luxury Safe Catalogue

Among the models of luxury safes available in our store, you can find a wide range of alternatives, such as the Brutus Series, URSUS or GLADIOR. You will also find a wide variety of watch displays, such as the Tube Series, Glass Tube or Glass Tube Urban.

Each of them is designed to adapt to the needs of the owner of the collection. In addition, one of the advantages is that many of them can be customized, both externally and internally, to provide greater security. In this way, if you have automatic watches, we can include inside the watch winders or winding rotors for this type of watch so that they remain in operation and always ready to be used.

If you need to store your valuables safely, but do not want to give up being able to admire them or make use of them whenever you require them, in the Armando-G safes you will find objects of unparalleled quality. In addition, always prioritizing comfort, practicality, design, and quality above all.

Get personalized advice on the alternatives to take care of the best automatic watches for women in Armando-G

Now that you know some of the best automatic watches for women, Christmas will be the perfect excuse to get a piece of value, timeless and sophisticated. Do not forget to advise yourself on the best Armando-G products to take care of the luxury watches as they deserve.

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Best Automatic Watches for Women