The designs of luxury safes that we have in Armando-G adapt to all your needs. From the smallest, such as Brutus, to store your SwissKubik watch winders or others that could fit, to larger ones such as the Troiano series, which is an expandable bunker made of stainless steel.

The different designs and models allow you to adapt the safes to your desire. They are handmade, taking care of every detail and obtaining, as a result, unique pieces.

Types of luxury safes

In Armando-G we have four different models of luxury safes, with different sizes and possible adaptations:

Brutus. A luxury safe model designed for SwissKubik watch winders or others that allow it. It is known for being a watch safe with a minimalist design. This safe cannot be configured with accessories like the other models. It is used to store and care for your watches.

Ursus. This model is a combination of an exhibitor safe for watch winders, that can also be combined with drawers of different sizes to store watch accessories or to store jewelry. That is, inside, it can be combined, adapted and configured with SwissKubik watch chargers or others that allow it, with high and low drawers to store jewelry, other valuables, as well as the accessories of our watches.

Gladior. Security display that allows you to store watches, jewelry, fountain pens and other collectible valuables. Save up to 80 watch winders for your watches. The removable door system makes it easy for you to reach your most valuable belongings. Like Ursus, it can also be combined with drawers for your jewelry and valuables such as fountain pens.

Troiano. A bunker made of stainless steel of extraordinary hardness and expandable that allows to store all kinds of valuables, personal items and even weapons both short and long ordered and hung on its interior panels. It starts on a basic model and allows adaptations and combinations according to your needs and tastes. As it is able to be extended in length, the camera can accommodate more items to achieve a complete security system.

Design and style of luxury safe models

The design of the safes is an exclusive and specific design for each type of luxury safe. The artisanal way of manufacturing makes the final product a special luxury safe, unique and manufactured to your taste. That is what makes it exclusive!

The variety of models of luxury safes is both to display them in your day to day or to have it hidden in your home and be able to store in it your valuables such as watches or jewelry among others.