Unique and custom-made watch cabinets

watch cabinet

Armando-G designs and creates an exclusive range of watch display cabinets and watchwinder safes. Our cabinets are designed and intended for the most-demanding clients who are looking for a reliable yet luxury product to display and safeguard their prized collection of automatic watches.

Attention to detail is our strength: we our meticulous when it comes to functional features and design. The result is a collection of purposeful, versatile, unique and elegant designs.
Furthermore, our clients can choose from a wide range of combinations to personalise the cabinet to meet specific needs or preferences. Thanks to our commitment to quality and design, we have made a name for ourselves in Spain and beyond.

The market for luxury watch winder safes and watch display cabinets is a very exclusive and competitive one. This market has traditionally been dominated by German brands. However, Armando-G’s ongoing commitment to quality, design and versatility has been successful, and now it is a reputable contender within this competitive market. We are proud of our collection.

watch cabinet

Timeless and aesthetic watch display cabinets 

At first glance, the aesthetics of our watch cabinets may remind you of a sleek state-of the art loudspeaker. While its design will captivate you, we must not forget its functional purpose. The glass front displays watches, while the cabinet safeguards, secures and protects each piece from atmospheric particles such as dust.

Furthermore, the function and design of our cabinets can be adapted and tailored to client’s needs and preferences. You can choose from a wide range of combinations and designs to create a unique and exclusive piece.  There are a number of features that can be incorporated such as automatic watch winders and drawers for accessories, jewellery and any other valuables and collectibles that you want to safeguard and protect.

Armando-G offers its clients a range of top quality features that can be incorporated to customise function and design.  Many clients opt for automatic watch winders, and we work with top quality brands such as SwissKubik Watch WinderOur most popular display and safety cabinet is GLASS TUBE 4.0. It is arranged in a 3 + 1 combination. This means that there are three watch winders and one drawer to store jewellery, valuables or accessories such as watch straps.

watch cabinet
watch cabinet

Each and every watch display cabinet is crafted by hand, and its functions and design are personalised.  We take pride in creating a luxurious and unique piece for every client. We design our watch display cabinets without ever forgetting how much our clients treasure and love their automatic watches. Not only do we design cabinets to safeguard and protect your watches, we design them so that clients can showcase them and share their passion. 

The sleek and detailed aesthetics create an attractive and decorative piece you can put on show in the space of your choice; office, living room or dressing room. A protective glass front displays the upper sections of the cabinet, and most clients opt for a practical and neat drawer at the base of the cabinet where valuables can be stored and treasured.

watch cabinet