We offer you a beautifully aesthetic, minimalistic, timeless and very practical watch and jewellery security cabinet

At Armando-G, we have a collection of exclusive models of security cabinets, converted into luxurious and exclusive displays for watches and jewellery. Their unique and elegant designs, their detailed manufacturing, their versatility, as well as the long list of combination possibilities and customizable elements that they have, make them unique displays in our country.

Handcrafted watch and jewellery display cabinet

The market for safes, security cabinets and watch displays is a very exclusive and competitive market, which is dominated by German brands and in which Armando-G has managed to position itself as a quality brand, thanks to its luxury models made to measure and fully customized.

Multiple watch winder box

A watch display with a timeless and aesthetic design

The inspiration for the design of the TUBE, GLASS TUBE and GLASS TUBE URBAN Series watch display security cabinets comes from their resemblance to a stylish and modern hi-fi music speaker. Depending on the model chosen, it can be fitted with a glass display that allows the watches to be visible from the outside, while at the same time keeping them protected, secured and dust-proof.

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Basically, these are the differences between the Series:

  • TUBE, without interior view as the door is opaque and in a single column format with the clocks placed one on top of the other.

  • GLASS TUBE, with interior vision through the glass incorporated in the door and in a single column format with the clocks placed one on top of the other.

  • GLASS TUBE URBAN, the same as the previous one, but made of aluminium to minimize weight and to be easily transported and relocated at any time and place. It is built in  a double column format with the watches placed on top of each other in groups of two.

All of them allow you to adapt, combine and adjust different configurations, to achieve the final model of safety display cabinet that best suits your needs and preferences.

Winding rewinding modules for automatic watches are interspersed with static supports without turning for non-automatic (battery) and hand-wound watches, drawers for your accessories, jewellery, and other personal valuables and collectibles that you want to store and protect without depriving yourself of the pleasure of being able to see them at first glance.  Always at your disposal for immediate use thanks to the convenience and practicality of our security cabinets and safes.

Armando-G’s Watch Winders for your watch display 

The incorporation of the automatic winders or AG watch winders to any of our models, make these exclusive pieces the perfect and suitable packaging to store and enjoy our treasures, which we look at and admire. In some models and upon customer request, specific models of watch winders apart from the AG models can be fitted.

With these automatic winders, we can always have our watches ready for use at any time and avoid the well-known weekend episode.

These winding chargers, or rotors, or watch winders allow the watch to run continuously, which is what it has been designed and manufactured for, thus avoiding certain maintenance that must be done when the watches have been stopped for a long time.

Watch display
Get to know Armando-G a little better

In each model, the version indicated at the end with numbers has a certain meaning. For example, in GLASS TUBE 4.0, it indicates that there are 4 holes available, so most of our customers use the formula 3+1. This means three watch winders and a drawer for storing other jewellery and valuables or accessories such as watch straps.

The drawer is always placed at the bottom, as it coincides with the area where the lock is located, which is opaque, leaving only the cells in which we have our jewellery on display, be it watches or other types of jewellery. In the versions with opaque door, this internal configuration can be changed according to the customer’s needs as nothing will be visible from the outside with the door closed.

We are craftsmen and passionate about safes and luxury watch displays

Watch display

Each watch display safe is handcrafted with the highest and best quality fabrics and design, making it an exclusive piece of luxury and an object of desire, unique in the world, to show the passion you feel for your watches with total security and without breaking the aesthetics of the place where you plan to install it. 

Its minimalist and timeless design allows you to place it in any space where it will always be admired by you and your loved ones. 

It is important to mention that our security watch display cabinet, thanks to its neat aesthetics, can also be used as a decorative element for the office, living room, dressing room, your pleasure boat and wherever you want to keep your jewellery close by to enjoy the sight of it.

The safety watches display cabinets leave all the upper sections of the watch cases visible through the protective glass, except for the space at the bottom, where a practical and beautiful drawer is usually placed for, for example, some accessories such as seasonal watch straps.

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