In Armando-G we have a collection of exclusive models of watch cabinets converted into luxurious and exclusive watch displays. Their unique and elegant design, their manufacturing in detail and their versatility and possibility of customization convert them into unique exhibitors in Spain.

The market for safes and watch cabinets is a very exclusive and competitive market, which is dominated by German brands and in which Armando-G has managed to position itself as a quality brand thanks to its luxury and exclusive designs.

Watch display design

The design of the watch cabinet model resembles a small and modern hi-fi speaker. The design of this cabinet has a glass that allows to display the watches in order to be seen from the outside, while these are kept protected, secured and reserved against dust.

This design allows to adapt, combine and adjust different optional extras of the watch cabinet, in order to get the final model of exhibitor that suits you according to your taste or home design. Watch cabinets are combined with drawers for their accessories, jewelry and other personal items of value and collectibles that you want to store and protect.

The SwissKubik watch winder is one of our most used accessories, among others, for our watch display. Most of our customers use the 3 + 1 formula. That is, three watch winders, such as SwissKubik, for watches and a drawer that allows you to store other jewelry and valuables or accessories such as straps.

Each watch cabinet is handcrafted with the best quality in fabric and design, becoming a luxury and unique object that will bring elegance and modernity to your most precious objects. Save and show your most precious jewels and watches with these models of watch cabinets. In addition, they can also be used as a decorative element for the office or living room.

The watch cabinets leave visible, through the protective glass, all the upper sections of the cabinet, except the space in the lower part of the exhibitors in which a practical and beautiful drawer is usually placed.