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Your watches and jewelry make you feel a passion and enthusiasm that you cannot hide and that is difficult to explain. Not everyone understands it. This is why the GLASS TUBE URBAN allows you to show which treasures you protect inside through a glass, so you can admire them in your day to day while keeping them protected.

GLASS TUBE URBAN is a NEW watch cabinet designed and manufactured by Armando-G with the capacity to place up to 8 watch winders or other items such as bracelets and earrings. The watch cabinet has 8 modules, which can also be customized with high drawers of different exterior finishes.

GLASS TUBE URBAN is not only a luxurious and exclusive comfortable watch cabinet for the day-to-day life of lovers of watches and jewelry, but it also becomes a decorative element for your living room, office or room. This luxurious and exclusive watch cabinet is ideal for placing it on a piece of furniture and exposing your most appreciated watches and jewels to a height where they can always be seen. Due to its easy portability, you can decide at any time if you want your cabinet to be seen by whom you may be interested in or if you prefer it to be “only for your eyes.” You can install 2, 4, 6 or 8 watch winders according to your desire and there will be 6 that will always remain visible through the glass.

watch display cabinet

If you want your most precious watches, jewelry and other valuables to be hidden, there is the option to finish the cabinet with an opaque door without glass.

Our luxurious, exclusive, innovative and timeless design watch cabinet has been developed with you in mind, adding and prioritizing the concept of maximum practicality for your daily use. It is not a simple box to store your watches and jewelry. Nothing is what it seems.

watch display cabinet

Technical details

  • GLASS TUBE URBAN models are always lined internally with black velvet type.
  • Its exterior finishes can be:
    • In premium leather and different colors: BLL-Black (standard), BRL-Brown, CAL-Camel, GRL-Green and REL-Red.
    • In high gloss lacquer with different colors available: DS-Diamant Schwarz (standard), RL-Rosso Corsa, WI-White Island, AS-Aluminum Silver and GM-Gold Metallized.
  • Lock with security key and elegant customizable concealment shield with your initials.
  • LED lighting inside with on / off system by hidden external switch placed at the rear of the watch cabinet.