Exclusive and handmade safety cabinet with glass display case for your collection 

Let’s talk about mobility and sustainability. With GLASS TUBE URBAN, you will have absolute peace of mind to have it and take it with you wherever you need it. This is the URBAN concept. Unlike its brothers TUBE and GLASS TUBE, our GLASS TUBE URBAN is made of duralumin to optimize to the maximum its portability that, added to its comfort and practicality of use, make of this piece and concept something unequalled in the market. Its weight is significantly lower than the other models due to the material of its construction. All our products are designed with the idea of meeting the needs of our end customers, and GLASS TUBE URBAN amply meets those expectations.

A beautiful, exclusive and timeless security cabinet exhibitor for watches, handcrafted and manufactured with light materials, taking care of all the details that requires a product like this, very comfortable and practical, now with double glass door to look and admire at all times your precious treasures.

At Armando G (AG) we have a collection of models of GLASS TUBE URBAN Series security cabinets, converted into luxurious and exclusive displays for watches.

Expositor Glass Tube Urban

Their unique and elegant designs, their careful manufacture to detail, their versatility, as well as the possibilities of combination of the customizable elements that they have, make them unique security displays for your watches.

The inspiration for the design of these GLASS TUBE URBAN Series watch security display cabinets comes from the resemblance to a stylized hi-fi music speaker with a certain vintage look. That is to say, just like the powerful loudspeakers of yesteryear.

GLASS TUBE URBAN is made of duralumin to offer the highest level of portability combined with a level of security for what it holds inside, and with a double glass door for viewing what it both displays and protects. A real treat for your eyes when admiring your watch collection.

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GLASS TUBE URBAN is fitted with a glass door and key lock to protect our watches from both dust and tampering 

The incorporation of watch winders AG or automatic winding rotors for wristwatches or also the static holders without rotation to any of our models, make these exclusive pieces the perfect and suitable packaging to store and enjoy our treasures that we admire so much.

With our automatic winding chargers or rotors for automatic watches, we manage to have them always ready to be used at any time and avoid the well-known episode of the “weekend”, in which most of the watches that do not have a large power reserve stop in that period of time when they are not being used.

These automatic winding chargers or rotors allow the watch to run continuously, which is what it was designed and manufactured for, thus avoiding certain maintenance that must be done when watches have not been running for a long time. Contrary to popular belief, watches must run to avoid breakdowns and the need for maintenance work to be carried out on them, precisely because of lack of use.

For each model, the version indicated at the end with numbers has a specific meaning. For example, GLASS TUBE URBAN 4.4 indicates that there are 8 cells available inside, which means that the internal configuration is of the 6+2 type.

That is, six AG watch winders and two drawers for storing accessories such as seasonal straps and other jewellery or valuables. For greater convenience and practicality, the drawers are always placed at the bottom, as they coincide with the area where the lock is housed, which is opaque, leaving only the cells in which our watches are displayed in view.

Each GLASS TUBE URBAN Series watch display security cabinet is handmade, with the best qualities in materials and fabrics, becoming an exclusive and unique luxury piece, to show the passion you feel for your watches with total security and without breaking the aesthetics of the place where you plan to install it.

Its adequate weight, thanks to the material it is made of and its minimalist and timeless design, allows you to place it in any space where it will always be admired by you and your loved ones.

Thanks to its aesthetics, our safety watch display cabinet can also be used as a decorative element for the office, living room, dressing room, your pleasure boat and wherever you want to keep your watches close by and enjoy the sight of them.

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Technical data sheet 

GLASS TUBE URBAN comes as standard:

  • Interior lined with black velvet-type fabric.

  • LED lighting inside with on/off system by a hidden external switch placed at the back of the security cabinet.

  • Exterior finish in top quality natural leather in different colours: black (standard), brown, camel, green and red (other colours and qualities on request).

  • Lock with key and elegant concealment shield, optionally customizable with your initials.

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The GLASS TUBE URBAN Series is manufactured in the following models:

  • GLASS TUBE URBAN 4.4 (capacity for 6 watch winders and 2 drawers for accessories).

  • GLASS TUBE URBAN 8.8 (capacity for 14 watch winders and 2 drawers for accessories).

Glass Tube Urban 1

To request all the information, as well as a detailed quotation for your GLASS TUBE URBAN safety display cabinet, just contact our sales department by calling +34 93 636 14 16, sending an email to info@armando-g.com or taking a few seconds to fill in the following form.