We present you a luxurious and exclusive safe cabinet for your watches, that will enable you to display your most treasured pieces with complete security

If you feel the same passion for watches and luxury objects as we do, you know that sometimes this passion cannot be hidden. 

On this basis, we would like to present you our GLASS TUBE URBAN watch cabinet that will enable you to view all of the pieces and watches inside it through glass, so you can display them to your circle of friends with complete peace of mind. .

GLASS TUBE URBAN is a new, luxury and exclusive watch cabinet that offers the possibility of incorporating, depending on the model, up to 14 automatic wristwatch winders, as well as other modules for storing bracelets, bangles and even earrings, being able to personalise both the interior and exterior finishes.  

In essence, GLASS TUBE URBAN is not just a luxury, exclusive and practical safe cabinet that stands out for its convenience of use for the day-to-day of watch and jewellery lovers, it also becomes another decorative item for your living room, office or bedroom, fitting perfectly in any surroundings and their décor. 

Thanks to its easy portability, it is extremely simple to install and move around, it can be stored or left on display depending on each occasion and in a practical way. Here today, tomorrow over there.

From 6 to 14 automatic wristwatch winders can be installed, always with the two lowest spaces being taken up by two practical drawers to store the different watch accessories, among other things. We also offer the option of installing a door without glass for those collectors who do not wish to display their pieces.

armario para relojes
armario para relojes

It is not about a simple box to store our watches and jewellery, but a very practical, beautiful and elegant safe cabinet.

With GLASS TUBE URBAN nothing is what it seems.

armario para relojes

Product sheet

  • The GLASS TUBE URBAN models are always lined inside with black velvet fabric.
  • Their external finishes can be:
    • In premium quality leather and in different colours: BLL-Black (standard), BRL-Brown, CAL-Camel-Beige, GRL-Green and REL-Red.
    • In high-gloss coating with different colours available: 
  • Security lock with key and the option of an elegant concealment shield with your initials. 
  • LED lighting inside with an on/off system using a hidden external switch located at the rear of the watch cabinet.
  • There is the option of having different interior configurations, combining elements such as the automatic watch winders, static non-rotating supports for non-automatic watches, bracelets and some practical drawers that can be used to store other accessories.

Other watch cabinet models that you may be interested in

The entire line of TUBE watch cabinets consists of models with interesting features, with a high degree of personalisation and with different capacities depending on the model chosen–4, 8 or 16 watches, with different interior and exterior finishes–.

We also have a wide range of luxury safes, including the lines BRUTUS, URSUS, GLADIOR and TROIANO. 

At Armando-G we firmly believe that the passion for a product is shown with delicacy and attention to details. Both our luxury watch cabinets and our spectacular and exclusive safes are handcrafted from start to finish.

We take care of the entire manufacturing process, guaranteeing each piece is handcrafted and unique: design, production, finishes, security elements…

Our master craftsmen have decades of experience making safes piece by piece to subsequently assemble them by hand, achieving the best quality and results possible. 

In addition, we also have a line of safe cabinets called INFINITY; a specially designed collection for placing underneath our URSUS safes, forming complete and very practical columns, to be able to store cases, boxes and other accessories for watches, jewellery and other valuable items.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to request a quote or make an enquiry about any of our watch cabinets or luxury safes

One of our great brand values is that we offer a friendly and fully personalised service to each one of our customers. We are fully aware of the fact that choosing one of our watch cabinets or safes may not be an easy task. 

If you would like us to advise you and help you to choose the most suitable model to store your treasured collection of watches and jewellery, you just need to spend a few seconds completing the contact form that you will find by clicking on the link below:

Contact us!

You can also send us an email to the address [email protected] or call us by telephone on +34 93 636 14 16.

We finish by reminding you that we send our safe cabinets, display cabinets, safes and other products to all corners of the planet, no matter how remote, always perfectly packaged and guaranteeing they arrive in optimum conditions without any flaws. At our company, we don’t leave anything to chance and we love perfection, beauty and craftsmanship as much as you do.  You can be sure of that!