GLADIOR – Watch and jewellery safe with unique and practical opening system

Luxurious and exclusive watch and jewellery safes to store your large collection of watches and jewellery inside GLADIOR

Conceived and designed from the point of view of the great collectors who have the need to store not only watches, but also jewellery, fountain pens and other collector’s items.

Introducing the GLADIOR Series safes. Gone are the typical, simple and crude metal safes, completely mass-produced and industrially made, which used to be hidden inside a wardrobe or behind a picture hanging on the wall.

Nowadays, not only do we have better security mechanisms, but we also attach great importance to the fact that our customers have the possibility of creating a personalised safe according to their tastes and needs, with exceptional quality, luxurious finishes and an exclusive design.

We want to offer quality products, with an appropriate and minimalist aesthetic, comfortable to use and modern and up to date in all our product lines, series and models.

We want our customers to enjoy the convenience of using our safes, and that is why we take great care of their interior and exterior aesthetics and we make sure that they are practical safes, but at the same time, they are also capable of integrating perfectly into the space where they are going to be installed.

caja fuerte de joyas y relojes
caja fuerte de joyas y relojes

It is important to highlight the fact that until the final design of the GLADIOR model was achieved, we manufactured up to ten prototypes, until we achieved what we call “the definitive design”. 

This luxury safe is designed for large collectors, as we can install up to 80 AG watch winders or automatic winding chargers for wristwatches, 40 on each side or combined with drawers for jewellery, other valuables and other accessories.

But the most important feature of the GLADIOR is its unique opening system. By simply opening the door and pulling it outwards, all the stored items can be admired and manipulated without the risk of rubbing or unintentional knocks. 

On the other hand, this large safe can be easily complemented with the same elements as in the URSUS Series: watch winders AG or automatic winding chargers for wristwatches, static non-rotating holders for watches, bracelets and bracelets, high drawers for accessories and low double drawers prepared for rings and other types of jewellery.

Technical Data Sheet

GLADIOR Included as standard:

  • Off Black (dark grey) painted exterior finish. Other colours available on request.

  • Electronic combination lock..

  • Interior lined with black velvet-type fabric.

  • Interior set of cells prepared to accommodate drawers suitable for storing watches and various items of jewellery.

  • Front covering of the AG watch winders or winding rotors with top-quality leather.

  • Automatic re-locking system in the event of a direct attack on the door lock.

  • Locking system of the locking pins to prevent the door from being closed with the locking pins facing outwards, which could damage the painted or leather exterior of the safe.

Some of the options available:

  • LED lighting inside with sensor on door opening.

  • Interior dehumidification device by controlled heat emission.

  • Addition of key or fingerprint system to the standard electronic combination lock.

  • Recubrimiento del frontal de los cajones mediante piel natural de primera calidad, ecopiel, madera o acabado metálico pintado o lacado del mismo color que el exterior de la caja.

  • Exterior finish in top quality natural leather or eco-leather and in different colours available.

  • Others on request.

caja fuerte de joyas y relojes

GLADIOR Blackpane and GLADIOR COMBO: more visual appeal, more practicality, more exclusivity and more luxury

In this line we also have special models such as GLADIOR Blackpane, with the same capacity as GLADIOR but with the exclusivity of being able to display several or all of its watches as it is fitted with a safety glass on one or both sides and with a state-of-the-art LED lighting system with remote-controlled lighting while it is closed so that all the pieces stored inside can be admired behind the safety glass. 

GLADIOR COMBO is the combination that allows us to store our watches and jewellery as well as our weapons, depending on whether the legislation of the destination country allows it. For example, watches and jewellery on one side with security glass and long and/or short arms on the other opaque side without glass.

Other technical data

caja fuerte de joyas y relojes

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