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The perfect combination of exhibitor and safe designed for great collectors of watches, jewels, fountain pens and other valuable objects.

Special exhibitor safe designed to hold up to 80 watch winders and drawers (40 on each side of GLADIOR) for watches and jewels with removable door.

Your most appreciated treasures will always be available because GLADIOR approaches them to you with the removable door. You don’t get in, GLADIOR gets out. So the access to your watches, jewels, fountain pens and others will be more comfortable for its daily use.

The perfect fusion of design, practicality and security. We were looking for the maximum practical level, and after the “decimus” prototype we achieved GLADIOR, which is designed and manufactured in Barcelona, a “meridius” enclave.

We are sure the effort has been worth it. By only pulling the door outwards all what is kept inside comes up to light in order to be admired and handled avoiding the risk of unintended scrapes. And there you are, enjoying the moment. Jewels get out so that you can admire them.

jewelry safes

This big safe offers different options of internal configuration. It can be customized with the same elements available for URSUS (watch winders, single drawersdouble drawers and static watch support cubes).

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Another version called GLADIOR COMBO allows to save your watches and jewels together with your arms.

jewelry safes
jewelry safes
jewelry safes

Fact Sheet

  • Internally lined with black velvet type.
  • The exterior is finished with: a matt Off-Black painted (other colours are available on request); also available with a high gloss lacquer or high quality leather with a wide range of colours.
  • We manufacture according to the European Rule EN 1143-1 (NG-No Grade, GI-Grade 1) depending on customer wishes.
  • Electronic lock included as standard.
  • Digital fingerprint lock (optional).
  • To check other technical details, see below:

For the daring,
GLADIOR Blackpane

For the collector that looks for more exclusivity, GLADIOR offers the possibility to be transformed into an exhibitor in which everything is seen through a security glass. The transparent safe GLADIOR BLACKPANE will show your best 48 watches (24 in each side) with LED lightning to enlight the treasures kept inside. The other cells will remain secret and can be customized with drawers to save jewels or other complements.

GLADIOR Blackpane can have one-side security glass or it can also have it on both sides.

jewelry safes

Technical Details

jewelry safes