From Armando-G, we want to share with you the best advices to choose your first automatic watch

Tips on choosing your first automatic watch: get to know its characteristics and singularities well. You may wonder: What is an automatic watch? An automatic watch has the peculiarity of winding itself through the movement of the arm on which it is worn. This means that it is not necessary, in any case, to wind it yourself nor put batteries on it. The secret lies in a rotor built into the watch itself, which rotates around a pivot. As you can see, the way a modern automatic watch works is unique.

Among the many advantages of owning an automatic watch, it is worth to highlight its great accuracy, due to the precision of the mechanism used: the so-called calibre. In addition, this type of watch usually develops a great seal against humidity and dust, as well as an excellent preservation of the quality of the seals, despite the passing of time.

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Automatic watches from the best brands

Useful tips when buying your first brand watch

However, when purchasing one of these exquisite devices, Armando-G recommends you to follow a series of guidelines. First, you must have a clear budget. It is good to point out that the cheapest are those offered with the Swiss Made label, which means that the product was made in Switzerland, which is a seal of quality.

Tips on choosing your first automatic watch: trust the best brands

If what you are looking for is exceptional quality then the most recognized brands are those of A. Lange & Söhne, Seiko, Citizen, Shinola, Junghans or Glashütte Original. ETA and Miyota must also be mentioned. In addition, if you want to display your new watch, Armando-G has elegant and unique displays for your watches.

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Tips on choosing your first automatic watch: a watch for life

advice first automatic watch

It could be said that a watch can be forever, since an automatic calibre constitutes a whole piece of craftsmanship. And, if taken proper care of, it can last for decades. In fact, it could even be inherited by your children and grandchildren. Elegance is another of the keys to its success: the watch needle has a fluid movement. Another important point to pay attention to when buying an automatic watch is the alternations per hour of the calibre.

The more you have (36,000), the more fluid the needle will be, without perceptible alternations, with a higher number of oscillations per second (about five).

Tips on choosing your first automatic watch: environmentally sustainable parts

And, although an automatic part is quite an economic option, it also represents a great saving. In addition, when its life ends, it does not generate as much waste as mechanical watches with a battery which must be replaced after a while. It must be considered that a battery contains zinc, mercury, or lead.

These watches do not require a periodic battery change, that’s why from Armando-G we recommend that you take care of it and have it checked out from time to time. For this, we want you to take a look at our maintenance guide for an automatic watch, so that your luxury watch will last for many years.

Famous luxury watches to consider according to Armando-G

From Armando-G, we present some best-known models so that you can choose more wisely.

We will start directly with a kind of the mechanism used in these watches, to continue with the Rolex Submariner, the Omega Seamaster or the Cartier Tank, which are authentic classics in the world of automatic watches, many of them associated with real life war and film heroes.

  • Miyota 8215
    the Japanese brand specialized in machinery for watches is renowned for the Miyota 8215 system, a movement made up of 21 rubies with 3 hands. It also has a unidirectional winding system with left rotation of excellent precision, with a power reserve of more than forty hours. The best watchmakers use it in their watch handcraft ship. Brands such as Citizen, Kyboe, Festina, Dugena, Perseo or Laco use the Miyota 8512 system.

    In fact, Miyota is known for its Miyota Movement” which is a mechanical movement with a central second hand and a really fast date mechanism. In addition, they have a Swiss lever escapement.

  • Rolex Submariner
    the first model was made in 1954. Its design was intended to achieve pragmatism and precision. Completely submersible, its Oyster case prevents water from damaging the mechanism. In addition, its pressure crown, rotating bezel and clear numbers also stand out. Several actors who played James Bond wore it in their movies.
advice first automatic watch
  • Omega Seamaster
    This one is perfectly compatible with diving (and also with James Bond). And, although it became very popular in the nineties, the Seamaster was created in 1948. With an O-ring seal, it combined elegance with a distinctly sporty edge, so it could be worn in a variety of settings.

  • Cartier Tank
    this watch has been continuously updated. Cartier Tank designed by Louis Cartier was first launched in 1917, with a design based on the Renault tanks used in World War I. The first person to wear it was, in fact, General John Persing, whom lead the liberation of France from the Nazi army. Its best-known variations are the Tank Anglaise or the Tank Americaine. Its most highlighted characteristic is its clear finish and a timeless style.

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