Armando-G finds out which watches are the bestsellers at auctions

Watch lovers and watch aficionados know it all too well: the duel between Rolex and Patek Philippe is a historic one. Until now, the list has been led by Patek, which tops the list of the five most expensive watches in history. Will both firms be able to jeopardize their position at the next Geneva Watch Auction: XIV? We will find out this November.

When it comes to luxury, specifically luxury watches, Rolex and Patek Philippe are always in the conversation. Their models have fetched as much as a staggering $3 million. Their pieces are the most expensive watches sold at auction to date.

relojes más caros vendidos en subasta

Now, a third comes into play. Four pieces by Phillips Dufour, one of the greatest masters of modern Swiss watchmaking, will be auctioned in Geneva this November thanks to an anonymous collector who has decided to donate part of his treasure. So, a new competitor will fight to become one of the most expensive watches sold at auction.

From Armando-G, we will be watching to see what happens in this auction. Meanwhile, we will continue working to manufacture the best safes and displays to house the luxury watches of all our customers.

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These are the most expensive watches sold at auctions 

For the moment, take note of these 5 giants that delight those who keep them:

In fifth place: Patek Philippe, Gobbi Milan ‘Heures Universelles’ Ref. 2523

Christie’s auction house in Hong Kong has sold this piece of art in 2019. Made for the Milanese retailer Gobbi, in rose gold, with two crowns, universal time, world chronometer and blue dial. Its price has reached 9 million dollars.

You can find out all about Patek Philippe watches, which has four of the five most expensive watches ever sold at auction.

relojes más caros vendidos en subasta
relojes más caros vendidos en subasta

In fourth place: Patek Philippe, Ref. 1518

Manufactured in the late 1940s and early 1950s, this watch is in fourth place on the list. The same number of pieces have been made of this reference in steel, a not very luxurious alloy, but that has not prevented its current owner from paying a total of 11.1 million dollars for it in 2016.

The bronze goes to: Rolex Daytona, Ref. 6239.

The only Rolex on the list that made history in 2017. Not only because it fetched 17.75 million dollars, but also because this coveted piece from the Daytona collection belonged to the legendary Paul Newman. All proceeds from its sale went to the Nell Newman Foundation.

relojes más caros vendidos en subasta tercero
relojes más caros vendidos en subasta segundo

In second place: Patek Philippe, 1933 The Henry Graves Supercomplication

In 1925 Henry Graves commissioned this exclusive pocket watch which, until a few years ago, held the position of the world’s most complicated watch with 23 complications. Now the record is held by the grand Vacheron Constantin 57260 with 57 complications. The figure that has reached number two on the list of the most expensive watches ever sold at auction is a far from modest $24 million.

The undisputed winner: Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime 6300A-010

As we told you at the beginning of this post, the world’s most expensive watch ($31 million) was taken by the highest bidder at the Only Watch charity auction held in Geneva in 2019 and will be back in the spotlight on 6 November.

relojes más caros vendidos en subasta primero

This Patek Philippe is made of steel, a rare material in the Geneva manufacture’s collections. It consists of 20 complications and was presented in 2014 to commemorate Patek Philippe’s 175th anniversary. In 2016, it made its triumphant entry and was presented in an elegant grey gold case. The case, with Claves de Paris guilloché decoration, is reversible and has a patented rotating mechanism.

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Armando-G has detailed the most expensive watches sold at auction to date. We’ll see what happens this November: will Phillips Dufour manage to unseat Patek Philippe and Rolex? We’ll find out soon enough.

Meanwhile, you can take a look at our jewellery store safes or our range of luxury watch displays. If you are an endless lover of luxury and prefer it, you can discover the list of the best luxury cars of 2020.

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