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At Armando-G, we always value the craftsmanship of luxury watches and for this reason, we always look for the best brands in the world so that they can be displayed in our luxury wardrobes. Some watches of certain international reference brands have become the most precious jewels. They exude technical excellence, superlative quality in materials and finishes, immeasurable beauty and excellent taste in everyone who wears their pieces on their wrists.

marcas de relojes más prestigiosas del mundo

The list of brands that we will detail below manufacture pieces that are ideal to be kept in our luxury watch safes. The care and safekeeping of your high-end watches is as important as giving them a well-deserved place to be seen by your family or circle of friends.

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The luxury of safeguarding the world’s most prestigious watch brands

The customization that we offer at Armando-G allows us to adapt, combine and adjust different configurations to achieve the final model of display case to suit each client’s needs and taste. We offer the intercalation of modules for automatic watches with drawers for your accessories, jewellery, and other personal objects of value and collection that you want to store and protect. We also have made-to-measure safes for jewellery.

Estos son los mejores expositores tus relojes de lujo

  • GLASS-TUBE 4.0. It is a security cabinet in a musical speaker format for the placement of up to 4 automatic winding chargers for wristwatches. Each of the 4 modules can also be customized with square drawers in different finishes and with 100% interchangeable modules.

  • GLASS-TUBE 8.0. This security watch and jewellery cabinet in the shape of a music speaker can hold up to 8 automatic winding chargers for wristwatches. Its modules can be customized and interchangeable with square drawers in different finishes, depending on your specific needs. It can also be displayed on the furniture or on a wall in the house.

  • GLASS-TUBE 8.8. This is the combination of 1 GLASS-TUBE 8.0 in the upper part and 1 TUBE 8.0 in the lower part. It is a security cabinet in 16-cell sound column format for combining automatic winding chargers for wristwatches and square drawers for jewellery or other accessories. A unique, exclusive and very luxurious presentation.

Our TUBE Catalogue
marcas de relojes más prestigiosas del mundo

The world’s most prestigious watch brands to proudly display in our collection 

marcas de relojes más prestigiosas del mundo rolex


Rolex S.A. is a Swiss watch and accessories company, created after the merger in 2004 of MontresRolex SA and Rolex Industries SA. Its products are considered symbols of high purchasing power or high economic status. It generally produces more than 2000 watches a day.


Omega is a luxury watch manufacturer based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, and a subsidiary of TheSwatchGroup. The British Royal Flying Corps chose Omega watches as official chronometers for its combat units in 1917, as did the US Army in 1918. In 1969, NASA chose the Omega brand to be the first watches on the moon. Omega has been an official sponsor of the Olympic Games since 1932, providing electronic timekeeping devices for each event.

marcas de relojes más prestigiosas del mundo omega
marcas de relojes más prestigiosas del mundo casio


CasioComputer Co. is a manufacturer of electronic devices, founded in 1946 and based in Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Casio is especially known for its calculators, but also for audio equipment, PDAs, digital cameras, electronic keyboards, watches, etc.

TAG Heuer

TAG Heuer is a Swiss luxury watch manufacturer, specializing in sports watches and chronographs, with strong links to the world of motor racing. It is part of the luxury goods company LVMH, like Zenith or Hublot.

marcas de relojes más prestigiosas del mundo tag heuer
marcas de relojes más prestigiosas del mundo seiko


Seiko is a Japanese watch brand, founded in 1881 by Kintaro Hattori. Seiko is a true watch manufacture, as its watches, even those in the most basic ranges, have their own in-house mechanisms.

PatekPhilippe& Co

PatekPhilippe & Co is a Swiss luxury watch company. The Stern family currently owns the company. Its chairman is billionaire Henri Stern. The King of Spain, Juan Carlos I de Borbón, often wears a watch made by this Swiss company on his wrist.

marcas de relojes más prestigiosas del mundo patekphilippe
marcas de relojes más prestigiosas del mundo cartier


Cartier SA is a French watch and jewellery manufacturer founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, part of the Swiss luxury goods group Richemont. Cartier is a watch manufacture, as many of its watches have in-house mechanisms.

Lotus es una marca de Festina

Festina is a Spanish watch brand, originally from Switzerland. It was founded in 1902 in La Chaux-de-Fonds. In 1984, the industrialist Miguel Rodriguez from Cádiz, Spanish president of the Lotus brand, acquired the firm, forming FESTINA LOTUS S.A.  Although since then, the watches are no longer Swiss, the group owns the firms Candino and the luxury watch firm Perrelet, which are Swiss-made. Its production sites in Spain are located in Barcelona and Toledo.

marcas de relojes más prestigiosas del mundo festina
marcas de relojes más prestigiosas del mundo bulgari


Bulgari is an Italian jewellery and luxury goods brand owned by the French conglomerate LVMH. The name is often spelled Bvlgari — in an ancient Roman style — and comes from its founder, the Greek Sotirios Boulgaris (1857-1932). Started in 1884 in Rome, Italy, the company gained prestige as a jeweller, although its product range has grown over time to encompass watches, handbags, fragrances, accessories, and hotels.


International Watch Co, also known as IWC, is a Swiss luxury watch brand belonging to the Richemont Group. The company is located in Schaffhausen, making it the only major Swiss watchmaker located in East Germany.

marcas de relojes más prestigiosas del mundo iwc

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