Factors to consider when cleaning your automatic watch

If you are a watch lover, cleaning your automatic watch should be an unavoidable ritual to show it off in perfect conditions. Without a doubt, an automatic watch is one of the accessories most used by lovers of style and good taste. Its lifespan depends on its care, so it is important to properly clean it in order to keep it in optimal condition for a long time.

Do you know what an automatic watch is?

An automatic watch is a luxury accessory that most people would like to own.

As well as being part of our personality, its great usefulness makes it a product of daily use, which is why it requires special care. 

There are many factors that can affect the performance of automatic watches. Surely you have experienced situations that put it at risk.

Perhaps, you have dropped the watch into the sea or a swimming pool, or it has been exposed to some chemical substance, among other perils. 

Automatic watch cleaning

This and many other situations highlight the importance of seeking the optimal ways to keep the watch in good condition. One of them is the cleaning of the automatic watch. If we keep it clean on the outside, we will also prevent it from getting dirty on the inside.

Cases and displays for storing automatic watches

It is also important to bear in mind that we do not often store our automatic watches in a suitable case to protect them from dirt, dust, and shocks, which highlights the importance of acquiring a suitable safe for them.

 The cases in which automatic watches can be kept protect them from damage that may be caused by external elements and help preserve their mechanism. At Armando-G we manufacture cases that serve to protect your watches as if they were treasures. These cases rotate the watch to simulate the movement to which they are subjected when they are worn on the wrist and thus prevent them from stopping working. 

At Armando-G we help you fight the main enemies of a luxury watch with our wide range of products. We have everything from automatic chargers for luxury watches to security cabinets, displays, and safes. For years, our company has been manufacturing equipment to store, care for and preserve valuable jewellery. Trust our experience, we will not disappoint you.

Protect your watch with the help of Armando-G

How to clean the automatic watch correctly?

Taking good care of the watch will ensure a long lifespan. For this reason, the proper cleaning of the automatic watch is essential for its optimal functioning. At Armando-G, we suggest that you take these recommendations into account:

Automatic watch cleaning

Clean it as often as possible

Keeping the watch clean on the outside tends to reduce the chances of it getting dirty on the inside. To do this, simply wipe it with a soft, dry cloth to remove any dirt or dust. 

If the straps are made of rubber or metal, they can be cleaned with water, soap, and a soft brush.

This is essential to prevent dust, traces of dirt, or sweat from accumulating on the watch.

To clean it, it is necessary to wipe it with a cloth dampened in lukewarm water and immediately dry it with a dry cloth. You can also use PH-neutral liquid soap.

Avoid contact with abrasive surfaces or products

If the watch is submerged in the sea or a swimming pool, it should also be cleaned with fresh water to remove salt and chlorine residues, which can affect both the appearance and interior of the watch. 

It is important to avoid any contact with chemicals and solvents to ensure proper maintenance since these products can damage the surface of the watch.

Display safes for handcrafted watches

Taking care of the automatic watch from hard knocks and falls is crucial for its lifespan

The internal mechanism of automatic watches is particularly sensitive due to the number of parts it contains and their millimetric arrangement inside the case, so a sudden shock can disarrange its interior. For this reason, it is important to keep it in a good case, such as those found in Armando G.

Avoid exposing the watch to strong temperature changes

Another essential piece of advice is to avoid exposing this type of watch to extreme temperatures (such as in a sauna) and also to prolonged exposure to magnetism, as this can damage its mechanism.

Take care of your automatic watches with Armando-G

For further information about our range of display stands for automatic watches, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will help you choose the model that best suits your needs and we also offer the possibility of customising the finishes to your liking.

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Automatic watch cleaning