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Armando-G safety cabinet with watch winders. The customizable display for your watches collection.

Some people will already know the concept. It may sound familiar to other people. But… what is a watch winder?

Truth be told, a watch winder is an automatic charger for automatic watches that is included in the cabinets of Armando-G to protect and display the most valuable treasures of your watches and jewels collection. They are designed to be comfortable and secure. Moreover, you can choose different sizes depending on the watch collection. Select an opaque display that doesn’t allow anybody else but you to appreciate the collection, or choose the GLASS version of the cabinet, which has a glass door on the front side.


Ursus Watch Safe


We highlight that they also incorporate an internal LED lightning system and that many details can be customized both internally or externally, according to your taste or needs. Remember that the passion and enthusiasm you have for your watches and jewels collection cannot be hidden. So the best way to show it to your closest circles, with your automatic watches working, is holding some watch winders inside a cabinet.


Ursus Luxury Expositor

Watch winder and automatic watches. Which advantages do these cabinets offer?

We know automatic watches require certain maintenance, have to be treated carefully and the fact they stop every 2 or 3 days has to be avoided. If your collection contains automatic watches, you must know you can integrate one or many watch winders in an Armando-G safety cabinet or safe.



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Forget to find your watch without power when you want to wear it. With our luxury cabinets this won’t happen again.

If you need more information or want to be advised by our staff, you can find us calling (+34) 93 636 14 16 or sending an email to info@armando-g.com. We will be pleased to offer you a personalized attention, looking for the best solution for you and your watches. This is our reason for living.