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Are you ready to immerse yourself in the Armando-G universe? Do you know our foundations? What can we offer you at Armando-G: safes, luxurious displays, and what more? Why do we call ourselves artisans in safe manufacturing? We invite you to discover the Armando-G universe, moving down the following lines.

Armando-G was founded in 2009, but this was not our first business venture, as we have been working since 1986 as manufacturers of packaging facilities using stretchable or heat-shrinkable polythene film. It was in 2009 that we dedicated a great deal of energy to bringing our new trade to life, which consists of the design and manufacture of handcrafted safes and luxury watch displays. From here, Armando-G’s biggest exponent has been the safes that safeguard luxury watches.

The business philosophy of Armando-G, which supports the manufacturing process of all its products, is based on four core values: modernity, aesthetics, comfort, and security. Therefore, now you know, at Armando-G you will find modern display safes, aesthetically beautiful, comfortable and above all, secure.

Armando-G security safes
The Armando-G universe

Armando-G: watch display safes

Armando-G security safes

At Armando-G we can guarantee you a safe personalized to your taste and necessities, so you may accommodate your watches in a thoroughly safe manner. And how can we guarantee all of this for you? Because at Armando-G we create our safes completely manually, which allows us to offer a high standard of customization. Our master craftsmen, with many years of experience in their hands, create a delicate product, paying special attention to each detail.

Inside our catalogue, we present different product lines, with a special design for the discretion and mimicry of the client in an entirely sophisticated setting, which adapts to any environment. So if you need luxury safes that are completely handcrafted, you are in the correct place: Armando-G is what you need.

Which is the safe for you?

Types of Armando-G handcrafted safes for your watches

Currently, it’s of vital importance that belongings such as watches, jewellery, fountain pens or any other item of value are adequately protected. Hence, owning a security safe is crucial for the protection of the possessions in one’s home. With this reasoning, Armando-G has developed various models of handcrafted safes for maximum security. Take a look.

  • BRUTUS: consisting of the basic set of watch safes that have been designed with the objective of hiding their contents in sections that cannot be located. A piece with a completely exclusive interior design and specifically thought out to protect, safeguard and wind your automatic watches. Furthermore, it provides the best comfort and ease by always presenting your watches ready to be worn. This simple and comfortable process adapts to all surroundings, so it can be used at any moment.

  • GLADIOR: consisting of the perfect fusion of design, practicality, and security. All the prior is accomplished thanks to the creation of this object, which has developed into one of our star products. The luxury item has been developed with an exceptional design achieving absolute perfection, becoming what we call “the definitive design”.

  • URSUS: this security safe had been configured in an entirely personalized way to withhold between 12, 24 and 36 Swiss Kubik automatic winders for wristwatches. Additionally, different drawers are located in the upper part and double bases are placed inside the special compartments installed in its interior. These allow jewellery, fountain pens and other valuables to be held simultaneously.

  • TROIANO: a removable bunker fabricated with stainless steel. It has been produced to store all types of valuable items, even those of considerable size. Its modular system is profoundly durable, making it the perfect space to keep special objects safe, from your collections or even weaponry depending on your necessities and spatial limitations. It also includes different compartments for storing your possessions.

Armando-G security safes

How do we design the safes at Armando-G with their respective singularities?

Armando-G security safes

Every one of our safe models’ different peculiarities allows for a selection of details on its finished exterior. Each has a special security lock and other characteristics such as a black velvet lined interior. On the other hand, the finished exterior could either be painted, leatherette or high-quality leather and in various colours to choose from.

Various models have been designed solely to contain wristwatches. And some of them have other cleaning and maintenance functions incorporated for all its pieces to be on point and in perfect condition at all times of desired use.

More information about the watch display safes

If after this journey around the Armando-G universe you would like to receive additional, more detailed information regarding our different safe models, we can grant you personalized counselling.

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We guarantee high-grade customization and with the experience of our master craftsmen, can produce your exclusive, unique and custom-made piece.

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