Armando-G is the best place to get a custom and bespoke safe

If you are looking for somewhere to buy a safe for your luxury watches, stop searching: you are in the appropriate place. One of the great features that distinguishes Armando-G is its luxurious and exclusive products, all of them handcrafted, giving it a unique touch in the market: you will not regret buying the quality and design that we offer.

Modernity, aesthetics, comfort, and safety are the fundamental pillars which we adhere to, to provide our customers with excellent service. At Armando-G, you will find luxurious and exclusive safes to store your automatic watches in perfect condition.

The manufacturing process for each safe is unique: from its design to the final delivery of the product. The aesthetic and personalized details in their finishes are part of the service that Armando-G offers.

It should be noted that each product is made by industry experts who assemble the boxes manually and manually, making them unique in the market.

Where to buy a luxury watch safe
Armando-G: craftsmen of safes

Now that you know where to buy safes: What are they for?

Custom watch safes are critical for collectors and lovers of these exclusive and valuable belongings. With these safes, it is possible to keep the watches in an optimal condition over time.

At Armando-G, we are one of the most prominent companies in the sector, and we like to provide our clients with quality and safety. We offer four models of exclusive and luxurious safes in different sizes, according to the requirements. Depending on where you are and what you need, we will take care of it and deliver the product just the way you want it.

Discover our safes

BRUTUS line safe

These safes are designed for wristwatches with or without automatic winders. This line is a basic set of safes for watches, designed for discretion and camouflage within a sophisticated environment. In other words, they can be hidden so that they do not spoil the style and design of wherever they are located, or they can be displayed, if the client prefers.

Brutus has three sizes:

  • The BRUTUS-6 model has a rectangular design and a height of 300 millimetres, and capacity for 6 automatic watch winders.
  • The BRUTUS-12 model is 600 millimetres in height and incorporates 12 automatic watch winders arranged in three columns of four winders each.
  • The largest model is the BRUTUS-21, which, with its 1,000 millimetre height, has the capacity for 24 automatic watch winders, in three columns of eight winders.
The BRUTUS collection
Where to buy a luxury watch safe

The URSUS safes

Where to buy a luxury watch safe

This unique model is a combination of a safe and a display case for Watch Winders or automatic watch winders, which combines drawers of different sizes to store watch accessories and even jewellery.

This luxurious and practical line fits with watch winders or other items that allow, with high and low drawers, the storage of jewellery and any other valuables.

The URSUS collection

The GLADIOR safe: perfect for big collectors

This model is suitable for big collectors who want to store jewellery, pens, and watches. Its capacity is such that it can store up to eighty Watch Winders or automatic chargers. In addition, it has a removable door system that allows you to observe all your valuables.

It is also lined with black velvet inside. And as for its exterior finishes, there are several options, with powder paint, leather lining in a wide range of colours or lacquer. It has an exclusive electronic lock with the optional possibility of being able to install a fingerprint control for it.

And finally, you can transform this safe into a display case with safety glass.

All about GLADIOR safes
Where to buy a luxury watch safe

The Troiano safe: a legendary safe

It is a bunker-like safe that is made of stainless steel. In addition, it is removable and allows you to store all types of valuables or personal items. At Armando-G, we guarantee the adaptation of the design according to the needs and tastes of the client: we make adaptations starting from a basic model.

In addition, these boxes can be extended, giving you the possibility to store more items and get a complete security system. This safe is made up of perforated panels, allowing heavy items to be hung, for example paintings or weapons.

In addition, it has LED lighting and a timed air renewal and heating system to protect your belongings and prevent them from deteriorating due to humidity. Furthermore, an alarm can be installed, which will warn you of any intruder attempting to take an object that you have stored.

Our Troiano safes

Armando-G is the best place to buy a watch safe

If you need to buy a safe to store, protect and display your luxury automatic watches, at Armando-G we will manufacture a custom safe for you. Don’t hesitate and email us at or call us on +34 93 636 14 16 and tell us your needs. Together, we will create the best safe you could ever imagine.

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