Luxury Safes


Nobody will imagine what is hold inside, just like with the famous horse.

TROIANO is a steel or stainless steel detachable bunker, depending on the security grade asked by the customer, that is manufactured according to the European Rule UNE-EN 1143-1.

Ideal to save all kinds of valuable objects, even big ones, namely long and short weapons and their ammunition, always according to the legislation of the customer country. Its modular system facilitates its made-to-measure construction based on a Basic model suitable for its later enlargement. The system is based on a series of highly resistant special steel or stainless steel panels that are assembled in an easy way with the possibility of creating an ideal enclosure for your valueable objects and collections, including arms. This bunker can be manufactured according to your needs and room limitations. Even the basic model may be assembled within a room in your living quarters.

The inside of the TROIANO is totally panelled with different finishes offered to our customers: panels of Arm Rack Cupboard, panels to intall some URSUS Series safes.So TROIANO will become an enormous bunker in which you will be able to display your arms and valuable pieces as well as keep them ALL in a single and sole place.

Fact Sheet

  • The enclosure is equipped with lighting, power point, air renewal timing system and heating in order to protect your valued and well kept arms from humidity and eventual corrosion, achieving a room with the proper atmosphere to spend time inside and be able to admire in a relaxed way the pieces the allow you to enjoy your enthralling hobby. Other equipments available under demand.
  • Complying with legality in regards security, it features an opening system from the inside allowing that, once inside, the door may be locked securely and safely and so, carry out the handling of your arms that you wish with no fear of being seen if, in this time of the process, privacy is required.
  • Optional alarm system.

Technical Details