How to protect your wristwatches: an entry-level line of safes with a modern and sophisticated design 

At Armando-G, we can guarantee a specially customized safe for you to store your watches. A product made delicately and with the attention to detail that only our master craftsmen, with decades of experience, can have.

We seek the security and design of our products based on four values that characterize us: comfort, modernity, aesthetics, and security. In this sense, it is important to emphasize that our safes can be carefully shipped to all corners of the world with a treatment in the packaging according to the same attention that we put in the safes.

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The BRUTUS line is our basic set of watch safes designed for discretion and mimicry within a sophisticated environment, without breaking either the aesthetics or the atmosphere of the place, and can be hidden or not according to the criteria and taste of customers.

A piece with an exclusive and specific interior design designed to protect, safeguard and wind your automatic watches and at the same time provide maximum ease and comfort of use to have your watches always ready to be used.

What are the different sizes of the BRUTUS line? 

caja fuerte para relojes

You can choose between three sizes of the BRUTUS line. The BRUTUS-6 model has a rectangular design with a height of 300 millimetres and a capacity for 6 automatic watch winders.

The BRUTUS-12 model rises to 600 millimetres and incorporates 12 automatic watch winders, arranged in three columns of four automatic winders each. Finally, the largest model is the BRUTUS-21, which at 1,000 millimetres high has the capacity for 24 automatic watch winders in three columns of eight automatic winders.

These exclusive interior designs of our safes adapt to any environment to make the process of daily use as simple and comfortable as possible for customers.

How do we design your exclusive BRUTUS safe? 

The exclusive design possibilities of the BRUTUS line allow you to select details in its exterior finish. Regarding security, it has an electronic lock as standard. The interior is lined with black velvet and features a vanity mirror on the back of the door.

The exterior finish can be painted, leatherette or top quality leather in a choice of several colours. This type of safe is specially and exclusively designed to store automatic winding chargers for your wristwatches, so you will be able to leave maintenance tasks aside, having all your pieces ready and in perfect condition whenever you wish to use them.

If you would like to receive more detailed information about the BRUTUS line of safes designed by Armando-G, as well as personalized advice, just fill in the contact form on this website, call us on +34 93 636 14 16 or e-mail us to It’s that simple!