Luxury safety cabinets

– TUBE 4.0 –


The version Glass-Tube 4.0,
a visionary safety cabinet.

You can’t hide the passion and enthusiasm you have for watches and jewels. That’s why GLASS-TUBE 4.0 allows you to see the treasures you save inside through a pane.

GLASS-TUBE 4.0 is a safety cabinet shaped like a Hi-Fi speaker to keep up SwissKubiK to 4 watch winders. Each of the 4 units can also be customized with high drawers with different finishing touches available, which are compatible with URSUS. Our safety cabinets are alive because their units are 100% interchangeable. You choose what to put in each of them.

GLASS-TUBE 4.0 is not only a comfortable and practical safety cabinet for watches and jewels collectors, but it is also a decorative element for your hall, your office or even for your dressing room. This safety cabinet is ideally displayed on a furniture piece or hung on the wall. You will then be able to show your precious watches and jewels at a height where everybody could admire them. Most of our customers prefer to insert 3 watch winders SwissKubiK and 1 high drawer because the pane allows to see the 3 best watches of your collection.

4 watch winder

If you prefer your precious watches and jewels to remain secret, you have the option to finish your TUBE with a door without pane.

Our exclusive, original and timeless design safety cabinet. Nothing is what it seems.

4 watch winder
4 watch winder

Fact Sheet

  • TUBE 4.0 is internally lined with black velvet type.
  • The outer finish can be
    • High quality lacquered with different colors available: DS-Diamant Schwarz (standard), RL-Rosso Corsa, WI-White Island, AS-Aluminium Silver and GM-Gold Metallized.
    • High quality leather with different colors available: BLL-Black (standard), BRL-Brown, CAL-Camel, GRL-Green and REL-Red.
  • Key lock with occultation emblem customizable with your initial letters.
  • Interior glass at the back of the door (only in TUBE).
  • Internal cold light (LEDs) with switch-on system by door opening or onoff switch on back of the safety cabinet (included in GLASS-TUBE).

Technical Details

4 watch winder