One of the most common concerns of people who own high-value items such as jewellery, watches, documents and other valuable objects, is to have a safe to protect their belongings.

The idea of a grey metal safe, installed in the basement of our house, has evolved towards the manufacture of modern safes, which are stylish and designed with the organizational need of the collector or owner in mind.

Modern safes are more sophisticated, as they can contain layers of steel, mechanical combination locks, electronic boards, biometric fingerprint readers, silent alarm buttons, and synchronized locks, among other features.

best luxury home safes

What type of safe to choose?

The initial objective when we seek to protect our valuables, watches and jewellery in a safe is a strong resistance against violent attacks and a closing system that is difficult to access. However, when it comes time to choose which safe is the one that suits our needs, other factors come into play.

What should I expect in terms of quality?

best luxury home safes

At Armando-G all our products are designed around the four values we embody: modernity, aesthetics, comfort and safety. We ensure that our pieces blend perfectly with the environment in which they are installed.

To do this, we offer a high degree of customization and work with different materials that make up our extensive product offering, resulting in each piece being exclusive, beautiful, handcrafted and 100% personalized.

At Armando-G we can guarantee that your safe is unique and made especially for you, thanks to the craftsmanship, passion and commitment we put into making them.

We are a company that designs fine safes, security lockers and watch displays, with a long history, plenty of experience and genuine passion for our work and the world of Haute Horlogerie. Our luxury safes are designed to adapt to the environment in which they are installed, without affecting the aesthetics or the atmosphere of the place.

What types of safes can we offer you?

At Armando-G we have four different models of exclusive luxury safes, with different sizes and possible adaptations:

Brutus safe

A safe specially designed to store wristwatches, with or without automatic winding chargers – it’s the most basic model in our catalogue. It has been designed for all those customers who only want to protect, safeguard and wind their automatic watches.

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best luxury home safes
best luxury home safes

Ursus safe

This model is a combination of a safe and a display for Watch Winders or automatic winding watches, combinable with drawers of different sizes to store watch accessories or jewellery.

So inside, it can be combined, adapted and configured with watch chargers or other elements, along with high and low drawers to store jewellery and other valuables such as watch accessories.

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We have a model with glass on the door and another without, to choose from according to your preference. We manufacture them in different capacities: 12, 24 and 36 watches, depending on the selected model.

As if that were not enough, this safe has other great features including a LED lighting system, a courtesy mirror, an automatic locking system, an automatic fixing system of the bolts to not damage the door in case of accidental closing, a fingerprint reader, a dehumidifier …

Gladior safe

Safe and security display for large collectors that allows you to store watches, jewellery, pens and other valuables and collections.

Store up to eighty Watch Winders or automatic winding watches and forget about the regular maintenance of your watches.

On the other hand, the removable door system makes them easy to reach and gives you a full vision of your most valuable belongings. Like Ursus, it can also be combined with drawers for your jewellery, pens and other valuables.

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best luxury home safes
best luxury home safes

Troiano Safe

Expandable bunker made from noble material like stainless steel. Of extraordinary hardness and with a modular system, it allows you to store all kinds of valuables, personal objects and even weapons (depending on the regulations of the country), both short and long, ordered and hung on the interior panels.

It starts from a basic model that you can adapt and combine according to your needs and preferences. Since it can be extended lengthways, the locker can accommodate extra items creating a very complete security system.

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Ask for information without obligation about our safes and we will help you choose the best option

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