At Armando-G you can find distinguished, customized watch cases with the best features. This way, you will get the ideal model to display your collection and make it look as it deserves. 

Watch display cases are the best way to show your watches to the world with love and pride. That’s why, as the passionate watch lovers that we are, we created the new TUBE line of displays, which are the best allies of a great collector. Gone are the days of treasuring them in hidden places: today they are worn and displayed as the collectible and highly prized jewel that they are. That’s why we devised the TUBE line of watch displays, specially designed to make them look as they deserve.

watch display cabinets
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Why buy watch cases?

watch display cabinets

Every watch collector should have display cases to showcase their watches, because not only do they allow them to be on display, but they are also a way to keep them safe. In this sense, in addition to display cabinets, our display cases function as lockable security cabinets.

Another of the great advantages of storing them in watch cases like the ones we offer at Armando-G, is that our displays have a fully customisable design and aesthetics. In this way, we make sure that the display case fits your aesthetic and functional needs.

Therefore, we offer the possibility of hanging them on the wall, or placing them on a piece of furniture in the living room, so that all your visitors can delight in your most appreciated watches and jewellery. Always keeping in mind that the watch cabinets function as decorative elements of your home and can blend in with the rest of the furniture.

In conclusion, we are offering you an exclusive, innovative and timeless security cabinet. For all its features, it is the best possible packaging for your treasures.

The different options available within the TUBE line of watch cabinets

In our catalogue you will find three different models of the TUBE model, in addition to the Glass Tube Urban and Glass TUBE watch display cabinets. All of them are customisable and vary mainly in size, as they are designed to suit small, medium and large collectors in particular. 

The smallest model in the TUBE line is the 4 Watch Winder 4.0 version, in which up to four watches can be stored. This model is ideal for smaller collectors or those who are just starting out in the world of watch collecting.

watch display cabinets

The 8.0 model is the next size up, and is a display for eight watches. This is an ideal size for those with a collection consisting of more items.

Finally, the largest model is the 8.8, and is designed to hold up to 16 watches. This is the most spacious model available, although, if more space is required, it can be combined with another one of the same size, or one of the other two smaller options.

Fully customisable watch display cabinets

All the showcases we have in Armando-G have the inside lined in black velvet fabric. As for the exteriors, they are finished in high quality leather and can be chosen in different colours. Thus, you can choose between black, brown, camel, white, red and green. We can also be consulted if you require a different shade of leather lining on the outside.

If you prefer the exterior of the display cabinet to be finished in a different material, we also offer the option of high-gloss lacquering. In this way, you can also choose between different colours to finish your display cabinet. These include black, white, green, red, gold and silver, among others.

Among the customisable options that we have for our watch display cases, we offer the option of placing the Watch Winders in each of its modules, always thinking about the maintenance and the load that automatic watches need. In this way, one of the biggest headaches for collectors, which is the fact of not being able to use their watches when they run out of charge, is eliminated. Thus, even if they are not used very often, automatic watches will always be charged and ready for use.

watch display cabinets
watch display cabinets

In addition, all models are fitted with a key lock, concealed under a shield that can be personalised with your initials. You will find a courtesy mirror behind the door and you can put the icing on the cake with an LED lighting system throughout the interior of the display case.

Finally, it is important to note that, if you do not want your watches to be seen, there is also the possibility of finishing them with a door without glass. To receive a direct and personalised service, all you have to do is contact Armando G. We will find the watch display case you have always dreamed of!

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