The importance of having a high-end display cabinet to exhibit your watches

The care and protection of your valuable watches are as important as being able to give them a deserving place so that they can be contemplated by your family or circle of friends.

At Armando-G we share your passion for these luxury items and for that reason, we consider it our duty to offer displays that enhance the value of the watch. They are handcrafted with the idea that each piece must be unique for each client. This dedication allows us to offer detailed, incomparable and exclusive finishes, always according to the client’s taste.

If a customer wishes, the watch displays we manufacture can leave all the upper sections of the watchcases in sight through protective glass, leaving a space at the bottom, in which a practical and beautiful drawer is usually placed.

The customization for each collector allows us to adapt, combine and adjust different configurations in order to achieve the final display model to suit your taste.

We can combine modules for automatic watches with drawers for your accessories, jewellery and other personal valuables and collectables that you may wish to store and protect.

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display cabinet for watches

Juan Barberán, director and owner of Armando-G

If you are looking for a watch cabinet that enriches your precious pieces, GLASS TUBE URBAN is the option that combines safety and convenience

display cabinet for watches

In this particular case, Armando-G introduces GLASS TUBE URBAN, a luxurious and exclusive watch cabinet designed to display your most beloved and precious items in complete safety.

Its design has a glass front that will allow you to see all the items and watches inside. Its inner fodder is lined with velvet fabric, available in different colours.

We also offer the possibility of installing a glassless door for all those collectors who are not interested in showing their pieces.

GLASS TUBE URBAN offers the possibility of incorporating between 6 and 16 automatic winding wristwatches. In addition, it has other modules such as static supports without rotation for non-automatic watches and practical drawers to store accessories such as bracelets, pendants and earrings, with the possibility to customize both the interior and exterior finishes.

Inside the high-end watch display, you can show off your luxury items thanks to LED lighting, with an on/off system through an external switch hidden and placed at the back of the security cabinet.

Do not forget that for us it’s essential that each GLASS TUBE URBAN unit has its own unique personal touches.

The exterior finishes can be in top quality leather or in high gloss lacquer. Both options have a palette of different colours.

Safety is as important as elegance and discretion. Therefore, each GLASS TUBE URBAN contains a security lock and elegant concealment shield, which can be customizable with your initials.

In addition to practicality for lovers of Haute Horlogerie and jewellery, this luxurious and exclusive security cabinet for watches is very easy to install and change location. Its easy portability makes it one more decorative element of your living room, your room or your office, integrating perfectly into any environment and its decor.

All this transforms GLASS TUBE URBAN into a very practical, beautiful and elegant security cabinet.

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Our watch display cabinets are designed, personalized and crafted for each client

At Armando-G, we have numerous options in our range of cabinets for TUBE watches. It is a range of cabinets made up of models with unique characteristics, always maintaining a high degree of customization, along with the selection of the different capacities according to the model you choose.

GLASS-TUBE 4.0 is a safety cabinet with a music speaker format for the placement of up to 4 automatic winding wristwatches. Each of the 4 modules can also be customized with square drawers of different finishes and with 100% interchangeable modules. Ideal for placing on a piece of furniture or hanging on the wall to show your most appreciated watches and jewellery at a height or location where everyone can see them.

GLASS-TUBE 8.0. This safety cabinet for watches and jewellery with a music speaker format allows you to place up to 8 automatic winding wristwatches. Its modules can be customized and are interchangeable with square drawers of different finishes, always depending on your specific preferences. It can also be shown off on furniture or on a wall of the house.

GLASS-TUBE 8.8  is the combination of 1 GLASS-TUBE 8.0 at the top and 1 TUBE 8.0 at the bottom. It’s a 16-cell safety cabinet in the shape of a music system sound to combine space for automatic winding wristwatches and square drawers for jewellery or other accessories. Not only does it provide the security and comfort to store your watches, but the finishes guarantee a unique, exclusive and very luxurious presentation.

display cabinet for watches

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If you would like information or a detailed quote for your TUBE watch display, just contact us. We have a sales department that is 100% involved with each client, offering direct, personalized and high-quality service.

You can call us by phone on +34 93 636 14 16 or send us an email to You can also spend a few seconds filling out the form in our contact section and you will hear from one of our sales representatives shortly.

In addition, apart from our watch display safes, we also have 4 different ranges of luxury safes – URSUS, BRUTUS, GLADIOR and TROIANO – that you can choose depending on the budget, your specific needs or the size of your collection of watches and jewellery.