Armando-G’s URSUS line of safes includes a variety of models such as jewellery and watch displays

At Armando-G we have different models of safes and security cabinets, all of them for displaying watches, jewellery and other collector’s items and valuables. This post is dedicated to demonstrating all the features and options available in some of our lines, such as URSUS; consisting of different models of display safes, all completely handcrafted with the utmost care and dedication, piece by piece. This is something that characterises all of our exclusive and luxurious collections of display cabinets and safes. 

They store your watches and jewellery in a very convenient and secure way, away from dust and other external agents, while at the same time, when you opem the door, keeping them in view so that you and the people you want to show them to can admire them the way they should be admired. They are extremely practical items for changing watches daily, for example, thanks to their automatic winders they are always ready to be used. 

Specifically, the URSUS line has three different models – URSUS-S, which can hold up to 12 wristwatches, placed on their automatic rotors or on static supports if they are battery-operated watches, URSUS-M, for up to 24 wristwatches, and URSUS-L, for up to 36 wristwatches. All elements can be customised, combining automatic rotors, static holders and accessory drawers, creating a unique jewellery and watch display (which is also a sturdy safe), made exclusively for you by our master craftsmen. 


expositor de joyas y relojes


expositor de joyas y relojes de calidad


Thanks to its highly customisable design, you can choose between different options: LED lighting inside with a sensor that switches lights on when the door opens; a dehumidifying heating device to prevent deterioration of the material used in the straps and accessories; biometric fingerprint lock opening system; the front of the drawers is lined with premium quality natural leather, eco-leather, wood or lacquered steel to match the outside of the door.

As standard, the safes include electronic locking, an automatic locking system in case of direct break-in and a door bolt locking mechanism to prevent the door from accidentally closing with the door bolts facing outwards (which could damage to the exterior of the safe, depending on the customer’s choice of exterior finish).

URSUS is a hybrid between an aesthetic jewellery display and a conventional safe.

expositor de joyas y relojes personalizable


URSUS jewellery and watch displays by Armando-G

The URSUS line also allows you to install a thick safety glass that lets you exhibit your entire collection. This option is the model called URSUS GLASS and is also available in S, M and L sizes. In addition, it is also possible to equip them with upper and lower drawers with special compartments for storing jewellery, pens and other valuables. The drawers can be specially lined on the inside to store rings and earrings, for example.

When it comes to the maintenance of your wristwatches, it is important to note that all URSUS and URSUS GLASS models can be fitted with automatic winders or watch winders, so you can forget about maintenance and have your most precious and luxurious watches always ready to wear. It is important that our self-winding watches are regularly kept running, as long periods of inactivity can damage their internal mechanisms. Automatic winders or watch winders can do this for you. This is a system for displaying and storing watches and jewellery that every collector, and even non-collectors, would love to have. There’s no doubt about that!

Other watch display cabinets that might be of interest to you; the models in the TUBE line

Another one of our best-selling watch and jewellery display safe lines: the TUBE line; The interior features are similar to those of URSUS, but TUBE is not a safe. TUBE is a very elegant and practical watch display cabinet in the shape of a hi-fi speaker, specially designed to blend in with the room, whilst, of course, maintaining all the security aspects – we can fit a key lock and a privacy shield that can be personalised with the customer’s initials or any other type of engraving. 

We also offer the option to install glass in the door, so that you can securely display your collection with complete peace of mind; ideal for all those collectors who do not want to hide their passion for watches. This option with a glass window in the door is the GLASS TUBE model.

expositor de joyas y relojes de lujo

Model TUBE 4.0

Armando-G’s TUBE line

This comprises of 3 different models– Tube 4.0 , Tube  8.0 and Tube 8.8–, for storing up to 4, 8, and 16 wristwatches respectively.

The GLASS TUBE version is also available in the 4.0, 8.0 and 8.8 models.

In both cases, the interiors and exteriors are also fully customisable, and each piece and component used is handmade and handcrafted, ensuring the product exclusivity that each customer deserves. 

The exterior finish can be lined with premium leather or with a high-gloss lacquer. Both are available in a range of colours, while the interior is lined with a black velvet-like fabric, and can even be fitted with LED lights for better illumination. 

Furthermore, all TUBE and GLASS TUBE units can be fitted with automatic winders and upper or lower drawers for storing other valuables and accessories. 

Do not hesitate to request more information or a detailed quotation concerning the manufacture of your watch and jewellery display stand

At Armando-G we have a collection of exclusive security cabinets and safes, converted into luxurious and exclusive displays for watches and jewellery, handcrafted for our clients. 

Their unique and elegant designs, their detailed manufacturing, their versatility, their practicality and convenience, as well as the long list of combinable options and customisable elements that they have, make them the only display stands of their kind in Spain.

The market for safes, security cabinets and watch displays is a very exclusive and competitive market, which is mainly dominated by German and American brands and within which Armando-G has managed to position itself as a quality brand, thanks to its exclusive and luxury made-to-measure models designed from the end user’s point of view, combining and merging concepts such as convenience, beauty, practicality, elegance, security, aesthetics and exclusivity.

We take care of each customer from the outset and guide them through the entire purchasing process with professionalism, a warm, friendly and attentive service to ensure that they are fully satisfied with their purchase. This is our way of thanking them for the trust they place in our brand when they purchase one of our products.

If you have a collection of watches and jewellery and would like one of our security cabinets or display safes made to measure, you can ask us for more information or a detailed quotation with no obligation; we will answer all the necessary questions because your satisfaction and your trust are our raison d’être.

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