Aesthetic, functional and safe jewels exhibitors

Expositores de joyas estéticos, funcionales y seguros In Armando-G we would love to present you our line of URSUS safes, fully configurable and customizable, with which you can store your valuable watches and jewels, in a both aesthetic and practical way. We are talking about watches and jewelry exhibitors with very high performance, designed for the most demanding and careful clients. Its degree of customization is very high, being able to choose between different options: LED lighting inside with sensor in the door opening; dehumidifying heat device; fingerprint opening; lined with the front of the drawers with natural leather of first quality, eco-leather, wood or lacquered metallic finish. And it can also fit with the exterior of the safe. As standard, it includes an electronic lock, an automatic reblocking system in case of intrusion, or a bolt locking system to prevent the door from closing with these outwards and damaging the outside of the safe.  

URSUS is a hybrid between an aesthetic jewelry exhibitor and a conventional safe

expositores de joyas
The URSUS line also allows you to install a 12 mm thick safety glass, so you can show the interior and content to your guests. It is possible to place high and low drawers inside the special cells, to store jewelry, fountain pens and other valuables. On the other hand, it is important to note that all models can be integrated by watch winders for the correct maintenance of your most precious and luxurious watches. Finally, know that we designed this model in three different sizes, with capacity for 12, 24, and 36 automatic watches. If you want more information, just contact the commercial department of Armando-G and we will study your needs carefully, until you find the safe or jewelry and watch display that you had always dreamed of. As simple as that!