All the color options and materials available for the finishes of our safes and security cabinets

Safes and security cabinets have in common that they have been designed to store and protect our valuables. To guarantee their security and protection features, it is necessary that the material of the safes be resistant to all types of attacks and have sufficient thickness to withstand them. At ARMANDO-G we have the best materials for the finishes of safes and security cabinets. Along the following lines we will tell you why.

safes and security cabinets
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¿What materials do we use at Armando-G to manufacture safes and security cabinets?

The materials used in the manufacture of our safes and security cabinets are intended to make them more resistant and increase their level of security. All our luxury safes are of the highest quality and will satisfy your most demanding needs. 

Some of the materials with which we manufacture safes and security cabinets are the following:

Metal alloys

safes and security cabinets

When designing the structure of a safe, the material used is a combination of resistant metals such as steel alloys, since this material guarantees the security of the device.

The manganese steel alloy, which is used in different closing and security systems, thanks to its main characteristics as a ferrous material, reinforces the security features of the safe with the maximum guarantee.

Steel and concrete

Steel and special concrete are the main materials in the manufacture of safes. The perfect combination of steel and special concrete makes the safe offer greater resistivity performance. Steel is the material used for its general structure and is where the other security elements are housed. Apart from its hardness, it is easily malleable, which is why it is also used in the manufacture of the inner latch.

 Regarding the special concrete and different from the one used in construction, this material makes it possible to provide the structure of the safe with greater robustness, at the same time as it increases the capacity to resist the signs of fire, being for this reason a widely used material for manufacture of fireproof safes.

safes and security cabinets
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Concrete mixed with metallic fibers

The material that makes up a safe is the result of mixing special concrete with different metal fibers or specific minerals. In general, these types of combinations are used to achieve devices with different stiffness, weight and performance, as well as high resistance to conductivity, attacks, falls and even corrosion that could be caused by external agents of any kind.

Depending on the combination of these materials, it will be possible to achieve a safe of greater or lesser weight, as well as granting a higher level of resistance to external attack attempts.

Reinforcing fibers

safes and security cabinets

Other materials to manufacture a safe is fiber reinforcement, which is also present for the manufacture of concrete, security structures and even armor systems or armored cabinets.

The advantages of using this type of material is that they offer the safes greater resistance, as well as greater options for traction, compression and bending.

Powdered aluminum

A good additive to special concrete is powdered aluminum, which receives the technical name of cellular concrete. Said powder offers high resistance against radial cutting discs, causing them to severely damage it, breaking its edge and thus preventing the intruder from using this type of device again to open the safe in question.

¿What types of paint do we use in the finishes of our safes and security cabinets?

A safe can be painted with synthetic powder paint, but by far the most recommended coating is baked paint.

This type of paint can be presented in different finishes, since it is the most recommended, due to its high quality and durability. It is usually used to hide defects on the surface of the sheet metal. 

Our standard color is what we call Off-Black and it is an almost black gray.

Another option is high gloss lacquer. An option as spectacular as it is delicate due to the care it requires both in handling and maintenance.

safes and security cabinets
safes and security cabinets

¿What are the most commonly used colors for the high gloss lacquer finish of our safes and security cabinets?

  • Diamant Schwartz (standard)

  • Rosso Corsa

  • Aluminum Silver

  • White Island

  • Gold Metal

Lastly, we also have the exterior finish in top quality leather and in different textures and colors with which the most spectacular and beautiful finishes of our exclusive and practical wardrobes are achieved. security and safes.

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In addition to safes for watches and jewelry, Armando-G also offers a wide selection of security cabinets, watch displays with the best color options and materials for their finishes, according to your particular taste. If you are interested in any of our products or would like more details about their characteristics, do not hesitate to contact us.

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