Are you looking for a safe with watch rotors? Well, you are in the right place, since at Armando-G we are specialists in the manufacture of this type of safes and luxury watch displays. Beauty, exclusivity, practicality and security are the adjectives that define our safes for watches and luxury jewelry.

URSUS GLASS: a safe with a glass display case to store your automatic watches

The new URSUS GLASS model is a safe with rotors for watches and it comes with a safety glass installed on its door, which will allow you to admire and show your guests the pieces stored inside, in a comfortable and safe way. 

The URSUS GLASS safes are the result of the perfect combination between a safe and a display case for AG watch winders or automatic watch winders. It can be combined with drawers of different sizes to store watch accessories or also to store jewelry.

safe with watch rotors
safe with watch rotors
All the details of the URSUS GLASS

On the other hand, it is a model configured internally with AG watch winders or automatic winding chargers for wristwatches. It also includes different double high and low drawers, which can be prepared to place inside different types of jewelry such as rings and placed inside the special cells that are installed inside URSUS GLASS.

This model has been expressly designed to store miscellaneous jewelry, pens and other valuables. With the URSUS GLASS model, Armando-G goes a step further in the best-known and best-selling URSUS range, without losing sophistication, care and details of the finishes or simplicity of use.

¿What are the types of URSUS GLASS-S watch rotor safes?

At Armando-G we have 3 different models of this safe with a glass display case for watches and jewelry. Next, we detail the main characteristics of each of them.


This is a watch rotor safe model designed for small collections. Ideal for customers who have several watches, since it can store up to 12 AG watch winders or automatic winding watch winders for wristwatches inside, of which 8 are visible behind the safety glass because the bottom of the door occupy the closing mechanisms. In addition, it has all the interior customization options and exterior finishes that the URSUS Series has.

safe with watch rotors


safe with watch rotors

This type of safe is a glass watch cabinet model that can hold up to 24 AG watch winders, of which 20 are visible behind safety glass.

This model has been conceived and designed for larger collections of watches and thinking of those collector clients who want to admire their treasures at all times and also be able to show a considerable number of watches to their guests, without having to worry about anything, since they will be well protected.


This is the largest model in the URSUS-GLASS series. Up to 36 AG watch winders can be installed inside, of which 30 are visible behind safety glass.

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caja fuerte con rotores para relojes
safe with watch rotors

¿What are the characteristics of URSUS GLASS safes with rotors for watches?

Although we have three different models or sizes to offer our customers, the features that define the URSUS GLASS line are always the same. Next, we detail what they are:

    • Exterior finish painted in Off Black (dark grey). Other colors are possible on request. Optionally, also in exterior finish through top quality leather covering and in various colors to choose from (standard in black).
    • Anti-theft type thickness safety glass on the door.
    • Electronic combination lock.
    • LED lighting inside by switch or remote control.
    • Inside lined with black velvet fabric.
    • Internal set of cells prepared to place drawers adapted to store watches and various jewels.
    • Frontal covering of the AG watch winders or automatic winding rotors with top quality leather.

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If you are interested in getting a safe with rotors for your watches from the URSUS GLASS collection, do not hesitate and contact us. Remember that we can customize the finishes to your liking and in accordance with the decoration, style and design of your home.

Call now at +34 93 636 14 16 or write to us at and we will get on with your box right away. Before you know it, you will have it at home and your luxury watches will shine like never before.

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