Luxury watches and accessories epitomise good taste, style and class in equal

If you are considering a luxury watch as a gift for someone very close to your heart, we are sure that it is because you already know that it is a gift that will be remembered and treasured for life, one that will be passed on from generation to generation.

Or perhaps, you are considering buying one for yourself as a treat or a reward to add to yourgrowing collection of luxury watches.

Whatever your motive, we would like you to take just ten minutes of your time to consider how you are going to protect and display your prized timepiece. Browse through our extensive range of exclusive handcrafted safes, security cabinets and watch display units. They are designed to safeguard your exclusive watches in the luxurious setting they deserve, and you can admire them by just opening a door.

We are talking about custom-made pieces to suit the taste of each and every client, with a high degree of customization and a long list of top-quality finishes.

Discover Armando-G Luxury safes:


Luxurious and functional automatic watch display units with built-in watch winders; unique pieces custom-made for your watch collection

Luxury Watches

For all those collectors who have a large number of timepieces, at Armando-G, we would like to present our watch safety cabinet and watch display unit; TUBE 8.8. It safeguards and displays up to 16 automatic watches each with its own winder charger. It is an invaluable, safe and essential investment for watch owners and collectors, and it has an exquisite aesthetic quality.

We have combined two TUBE 8.0 cabinets by stacking one on top of the other to display 16 watches in the form of a column or tower. Each watch has its own automatic winder, so that you can forget about maintenance and winding tasks for your luxury watches.

Our luxury watch safety cabinets can be fitted with very practical drawers to store accessories such as jewellery and other valuables.

Great care has been given to the aesthetics of this line of display units, and they are so exquisite that it is likely to become a decorative feature in the room you choose to display your collection. Share the beauty of your collection of luxury watches in this exquisite display unit.

Likewise, we spare no effort with the technical details; each unit is lined with black velvet fabric, there is a vanity mirror behind the door and units can be fitted with a LED lighting system.

As for the exterior, we can finish them in top quality leather or with a high gloss lacquer, both finishes have a wide array of colours to choose from.  What’s more, the lock can be concealed with a shield which we can personalise with your initials.

URSUS safes: an exquisite and safe display unit for your collection

URSUS is aluxury watch winder safe cabinet which can store 12, 24 or 36 automatic watches with watch winder chargers, depending on the model you choose.  Each module can be combined in many different arrangements; drawer trays can be deep or shallow to store valuables such as fountain pens and jewellery.

Here are some of its most outstanding features:

Ursus luxury safe
Luxury Watches
  • A choice of exclusive options for its interior; LED lighting, real leather or a metallic finish on the front panel of the drawers, dehumidifier heating system, fingerprint lock or a combined electronic and key lock.

  • Exterior finish in top quality leather or high gloss lacquer finish; an array of colour options is available for both finishes.


  • The standard model has electronic locking.

  • An automatic re-locking system in case of an attempt at forced entry.

  • An innovative locking bolt system to prevent the door from closing: the bolt faces outwards which could otherwise damage the safe’s exterior.

Tube 8.8 and URSUS are just two models in our exclusive range of luxury safes which we design and custom-make for our clients. At Armando-G, we believe a luxury watch requires a luxurious home.

If you would like advice or have any questions about our safes, please contact us.

If you are thinking of buying one of our watch winder safes or watch display units, you may have questions about our range.  It’s important to find the right one for you. We will answer your questions without any commercial obligation whatsoever.

At Armando-G we are 100% committed to every project and client. We take pride and pleasure in creating safes to protect your luxury watches. So, please get in touch with us if you have any questions about safety, functionality or design. We can look at the range of models to see which one suits your needs and collection best.

You can call us at +34 93 636 14 16, write us an email at If you prefer, you can fill out the form that you can find on our website. A member of our sales team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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