Are you thinking of giving a watch display stand as a gift or buying one to store your collection? Before you do, there is some basic information you need to know in order to be able to choose the alternative that best suits the needs of the lucky recipient. 

For that reason, before giving a watch display stand as a gift, or buying one for yourself, you should consider, as a basic element, the size of the collection you intend to display. You should also know the environment in which the display will be placed, as well as the possibilities of customising it by easily adding modules or automatic chargers, among other additional questions.

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The 5 elements to consider before giving a watch display as a gift

At Armando-G we know that details make the difference. That is why we offer fully customisable luxury watch displays, which allow you to adapt, combine and adjust different configurations to achieve a final model that is elegant, safe and designed exclusively for each of our customers.

One of the great differentials of Armando-G’s Glass Tube Urban display, as well as those of our TUBE line, is the high capacity to customise them. In this sense, they can be perfectly adapted to the needs of each client and each space.

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Adaptable to collections of various sizes

Our spectacular collection of TUBE clock displays consists of different safety cabinets in the form of a column or speaker. These come in different sizes, depending on the capacity they have for storing watches. In this sense, there are 4, 8 and 16 cells, depending on the model chosen. All of them have been designed to strike the perfect balance between aesthetics, practicality and safety.

They can include automatic chargers

Our displays stand out from the rest because they offer, among their customisation options, the possibility of incorporating a charger for automatic watches in each of the cells. For a collector, this is a fundamental factor, as it avoids the need to wind them up every day, keeping them in perfect condition whenever they are needed.

Exterior customisation

We cannot fail to highlight the high degree of customisation, both inside and outside, that our display cases offer. In this sense, they can be perfectly adapted to any style and colour palette of the environment in which you want to place them.

On the outside, all our display cases are finished in high quality leather, which can be chosen in different colours. Thus, you can choose between black, brown, camel, white, red and green. We can also be consulted if you require a different shade of leather lining on the outside.

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However, for those who like the exterior finish in a different material, we also offer the option of high gloss lacquering. Like the previous one, this option offers the possibility of choosing between different colours, including black, white, green, red, gold and silver, among others.

In addition, all the models we offer have a key lock, hidden under a shield that can be personalised with the owner’s initials. Finally, it is also worth knowing that there is the possibility of finishing the wardrobes with a door without glass, for those cases in which you wish to hide the interior.

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Interior customisation

The interior is also a highly customisable space, according to the client’s taste. It is lined with black velvet and the exterior finishes can be lacquered in different colours (DS-Diamant Schwarz-standard-, RL-Rosso Corsa, WI-White Island, AS-Aluminium Silver and GM-Gold Metallized), or in leather (BLL-Black -standard-, BRL-Brown, CAL-Camel, GRL-Green and REL-Red).

You can also add an LED lighting system on the inside, as well as a glass door, so that your guests can observe your collection at any time in complete safety.

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Rely on our watch display stands

If you want to give a unique, elegant and safe watch display as a gift, Armando-G is undoubtedly what you need. We are a company of craftsmen who are passionate about safes and security cabinets for watches and valuable jewellery.

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