The perfect way to protect your collection of automatic watches

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Watches and jewelry are something we are as passionate about as you are. In Armando-G we would love to present our line of luxury watch displays so that you can keep your collection in an aesthetic, functional and safe way. After all, the passion for watches cannot be hidden!

GLASS TUBE URBAN, a luxurious, exclusive and made to measure display case for your watch collection

The GLASS TUBE URBAN collection allows you to display your watches without fear. Our exclusive, innovative, and timeless design luxury watch displays have been developed with you and your needs in mind, based on three concepts that define the entire line: aesthetics, technology and security.

First of all, it should be noted that, depending on the chosen model, up to 16 watch winders can be installed, so you do not have to worry about winding them daily, or tedious maintenance tasks. In this sense, it is a good investment for any collector.

Within this series there are two different models: the GLASS TUBE URBAN 44 (with two columns of 4 cells each), and the GLASS TUBE URBAN 88 (two columns of 8 cells each).


On the other hand, we cannot forget its high degree of personalization, both internal and external.

The interior is lined with black velvet type. Some of its strengths are its interior LED lighting system, or the possibility of configuring the cells according to your needs, combining elements such as the watch winders, static supports without rotation, and practical drawers to store jewelry.

Its exterior can be covered with high quality leather in different colors, or in high-gloss lacquer and with the possibility of choosing between different colors as well.

To sum up, we want to highlight its security key lock, which we can customize with your initials, which will make you have a unique display for watches in the world. In short, if you want an elegant, made to measure and safe display for luxury watches, without a doubt, we are your best option. We have artisans of safes and security cabinets for watches and jewelry.

For more detailed information, just contact Armando-G, using the contact form found at this link, or by calling (+34) 93 636 14 16. Don’t hesitate to ask us for further information!

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