Custom Safes

Discover the safes handcrafted by Armando-G’s

In Armando-G you can find luxurious and exclusive safes for your luxury watches. If this is not enough, we also offer you the possibility of creating custom-made safes, which are completely adapted to your needs as if it was a tailored suit.

 One of the most remarkable attributes of Armando-G is that you can design your own space inside the safe, so you can be comfortable with what you use and have a unique safe.

All of this is possible thanks to the skills of our craftsmen, who make safes of great quality, aesthetically good and, of course, very practical.

The Armando-G universe

The custom-made safes of the URSUS line: our flagship product

In our company we do not limit ourselves by selling only stereotyped products, it’s our singularity what makes us unique, as we are dedicated to the sale of fully personalized luxury safes, meaning that is the client who decides how his safe will be like.

 One of the Armando-G’s most successful designs among our clients are the luxurious Ursus safes. With this line we go one step further since it can be configured as the client wishes on the inside. You can store up to 12, 24 and 36 automatic winding watch winders.

In addition, it has some drawers at the top and bottom that are located inside the special cells installed on the inside of this luxurious safe.

 Ursus is perfect for keeping jewelry, pens and any valuable objects you want to keep safe.

Custom Safes
Discover the URSUS line

What is the best thing about URSUS custom safes?

First of all, we must highlight its outside finish which can be lacquered or lined in leather in any color you want as long as it is available. As a plus we offer URSUS safes with LED lighting inside the box. In addition, these boxes have:

Custom Safes
  • Opening sensor

  • Dehumidifying heat device

  • Fingerprint opening

  •  Wood or metal finish

In the list of main benefits of the URSUS custom safes you will find the electronic lock, the mirror that is located on the back of the door and the automatic locking system in case the anyone tries to force the door open. 

It also has a bolt blocking system which potentially serves to prevent the door from closing, preventing with this that the exterior of the safe can be damaged.

What models of URSUS custom safes can we offer you?

In the presentation of the URSUS line of custom-made safes, we want to highlight three models, depending on their capacity:

  • Ursus Glass-S:

    this one can store a maximum of 12 automatic chargers for wristwatches, although it should be noted that only 8 will be visible if viewed from the safety glass.

  • Ursus Glass-M:

    although 20 watches can be seen behind the safety glass, this model has access and capacity for a total of 24 chargers.

  • Ursus Glass-L

    it can hold a total of 36 automatic watch winders, but only 30 are visible once the case is fully closed.


Small custom-made safes in the BRUTUS line

If you are looking for something small and more discreet, you can opt for our Brutus design, specially designed to store and protect your watches in their automatic chargers. In this design we have three sizes:

  • Brutus-6
  • Brutus-12
  • Brutus21

Although its needs are to have a larger and more imposing model, as if it were a whole bunker, we could talk about Troiano. Why? This is the ideal safe to store any object, with considerable sizes. In fact, those who use it, initially do it to store short and/or long weapons and their respective ammunition.

Other models of safes from Armando-G

Why are custom safes a good option?

Having a safe can be one of the most important decisions of our lives, especially if we have valuable objects that we cannot leave to unsafe exposure, even of friends.

The custom-made safes we offer at Armando-G are not standard boxes, they will allow you to have the necessary number of compartments with custom-made sliding drawers.

 It is important to note that our custom-made safes are designed and manufactured by hand, emphasizing on the small details that standard safes normally do not have. With this we manage to have a unique piece so that you are comfortable with the contracted service.

Custom Safes

Armando-G’s custom safes are an excellent option

If you are already convinced that you want a URSUS safe, or any other Armando-G’s line custom-made safes, do not hesitate and contact us: send us an e-mail to, or call us at +34 93 636 14 16.

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