Four luxury safes to choose from for your home

At Armando-G, we produce handcrafted luxury watch safes and display cases for your prized timepieces. We are passionate about our craft and the world of haute horlogerie.

To protect your watches, we have created four different lines of luxury home safes for private residences. Each line has its own distinctive and specific characteristics, yet you can customise some features to add a personal touch and create a unique piece for your home. Each and every luxury watch safe is designed to obtain the perfect balance between safety, aesthetics and functionality:



Custom-built and handcrafted luxury watch safes

URSUS is a luxury home security safe that comes in many sizes to store and protect as many as 12 to 36 watches.  Inside, it is fitted with watch winders or chargers, and this luxury watch safe can be customised to satisfy our client’s every wish; modules can be combined in many different arrangements, drawer trays can be deep or shallow to store valuables such as fountain pens and jewellery.

The standard URSUS model comes with an electronic lock, a vanity mirror, an automatic re-locking system, or an innovative locking bolt system to prevent the door from closing with the bolt facing outwards which could otherwise damage the safe’s exterior.


BRUTUS is a standard model that cannot be custom safes-built in the same way as the URSUS line. It is a luxury home safe for watch owners who are looking for a smaller model to protect their timepieces without additional inserts, such as drawers. 

The BRUTUS range is available in three different sizes and models to hold 6, 12 or up to 21 watches.

BRUTUS safes meet the conditions and requirements of European standard EN 1143-1 approved by GIII-Grade 3 test.  Each safe is lined internally with a black velvet-type fabric, and clients can choose from a lacquered or leather external finish, both of which are available in a variety of colours.

Our safes are fitted with an electronic lock, a vanity mirror and an automatic re-locking system in the event of an unauthorised or forced attempt to open it.

Custom-built and handcrafted luxury watch safes


Custom-built and handcrafted luxury watch safes

This is a large watch winderjewelry safes  designed to safeguard a sizeable collection of watches. This luxury home safe comes with a removable door. It is without doubt an exceptional piece; GLADIOR is a harmonious blend of design, functionality and safety.

GLADIOR can house a substantial number of automatic watches; it can hold up to 80 timepieces and their respective watch winders or automatic chargers.

Moreover, this luxury home security safe can be fitted with the same features as the URSUS line; automatic watch chargers, deep drawers, shallow double drawer trays and stationary holders for watches and bracelets.

The GLADIOR range also includes a very specific model called GLADIOR COMBO which has been specially designed to store not only valuables, but also weapons. It is a certified safe for weapons and complies with current regulations to store and protect arms.

It is equipped with an electronic locking system, but on request, it can also be fitted with a fingerprint reader or a double lock, one of which operates with a key. 

Clients can also choose from a range of finishes to create a piece to suit their home.


TROIANO is an impenetrable watch vault: it is detachable and comes in steel or stainless steel according to the level of security our client requests.

It is a home security safe designed to safeguard any object of value whatever its size or worth, even short or long weapons. TROIANO will take the legal requirements into consideration of the country in which it is installed.

TROIANO safes can be custom-built and designed to suit every client’s personal needs and wishes.  

Custom-built and handcrafted luxury watch safes

Clients can design the layout and combination of the modules, choose from a wide range of finishes and functions, such as perforated panels to hang valuables or even supports to attach the smaller URSUS Series safes.  In short, TROIANO is a high security chamber where your valuables can be kept safe and sound. Whatever your treasured piece is; be it a watch, jewellery, a collector’s item, a sport or hunting weapon, TROIANO will take care of it. 

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