relojes de lujo automáticos

Automatic luxury watches: features and functioning

Automatic luxury watches are very exclusive products that have a mechanism that requires constant movement to work properly. Although the first dates from the early eighteenth century, and were pocket models, this technology did not begin to evolve and improve until the first half of the twentieth century, when wristwatches became popular. relojes de lujo automáticos This led to new habits of use leading to the fact that the watch, which until then was carried in the pocket, began to be put on the wrist and, therefore, was always in motion.

Automatic luxury watches: movement is the basis of its entire mechanism

relojes de lujo automáticos Modern automatic luxury watches include a rotor that works thanks to the movement of the wrist and at the same time gives winding to the real spring of the watch. That is, when the wrist varies position, the movement rotor rotates and loads the watch by means of a gear. These rotors are made of heavy materials such as tungsten, platinum or gold. It is important to be very clear that they are parts that depend on movement and that, although you can wind it manually, manufacturers always recommend doing it as few times as possible.

Armando-G automatic watch exhibitors are just what you need

vitrinas para relojes de lujo automáticos If you have a collection of automatic luxury watches, you will surely be interested in our advanced models of custom watch exhibitors and watch cabinets, with which you can forget to wind up all of them. You will enjoy greater convenience to store them, you can show them to your circle of friends without worries of any kind and in a very aesthetic way. Moreover, you will not have to perform maintenance tasks thanks to the watch winders included on the exhibitors. We are talking about models of jewelry and watch exhibitors, with very high performance as standard, and which are the perfect packaging for your most precious treasures. For more detailed information you only have to contact Armando-G, using the contact form found on this link, or by calling (+34) 93 363 14 16. Do not hesitate to ask us everything you need!