Automatic luxury watches are very exclusive products that have a mechanism that requires constant movement to function properly. Although the first ones date back to the early 18th century, and were pocket models, this technology did not begin to evolve and improve until the first half of the 20th century, when wristwatches became popular.

This led to new habits of use, with the result that the watch, which until then had been worn in the pocket, began to be worn on the wrist and was therefore always on the move. As a result, automatic luxury watches have more than three centuries of evolution under their belt.

luxury automatic watches

Automatic luxury watches: the movement is the basis of their entire mechanism

luxury automatic watches

Modern automatic luxury watches include a rotor that is driven by the movement of the wrist and, at the same time, winds the mainspring of the watch. In other words, when the wrist changes position, the movement’s rotor turns and winds the watch by means of a gear

These rotors are made of heavy materials such as tungsten, platinum or gold, as they are able to generate enough power to charge the watch.

It is important to be very clear that they are movement-dependent parts, so that when they stop, all you have to do is shake them a little to get them moving again.

In addition, modern luxury automatic watches often have a manual winding mechanism that works in a complementary way to the other.  However, even if it can be wound in this way, manufacturers always recommend that it should be wound as few times as possible. In this respect, experts point out that the more you wind them manually, the more wear and tear their components suffer. This is why keeping your watch wound automatically is key to preserving its mechanism.

How to keep automatic luxury watches wound without using them

If luxury automatic watches are not used on a daily basis, it is necessary to have watch winders that can maintain their charge. This is particularly important in the case of collectors who may not be able to keep them all in use. A watch winder is a mechanism that turns automatic watches, simulating the movement of the wrist, so that they are always ready to be used whenever their owner wishes. At Armando-G we have our own model of watch winder, which has an electric motor that is very reliable and quiet, and can turn watches between 700 and 3600 revolutions per day, in both directions. In this way, it is able to charge any type of watch.

luxury automatic watches

In addition, it has a practical, modern and timeless design, which is ideal to complement the interior design of our displays.  This is a model that can also be personalised with the initials of each customer.

Discover all the advantages of a watch winder

If you do not wish to display your watches, you can also store them in automatic watch safes with chargers. In this way, even when stored privately and out of sight, they can be kept on the move and ready for use when required.

Armando-G luxury automatic watch displays are just what you need

If you have a collection of luxury automatic watches, you will surely be interested in our advanced models of watch displays and showcases that are fully customisable and adaptable to your specific needs or tastes. 

With our display cases, you can forget about winding all your luxury automatic watches. In this way, you will enjoy greater convenience in storing them and you will be able to show them off to your circle of friends, without any worries whatsoever and in a very aesthetically pleasing way.

luxury automatic watches

Moreover, thanks to their automatic chargers for wristwatches, you won’t have to carry out any maintenance work.  We are talking about luxury watch safes and display cases with high standard features, which are the perfect packaging for your most precious treasures. For more detailed information, just contact Armando-G, using the contact form you will find in this link, or by calling +34 93 363 14 16. Don’t hesitate to ask us anything you need!

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