What is a Watch Winder and what is its function?

A Watch Winder is a mechanism that rotates self-winding watches, simulating the movement of the wrist so they are always ready and prepared for use when their owner considers it appropriate, and there is no need to worry about their maintenance or working.  An essential item for watch collectors whether they own a few or a large number of watches.

At Armando-G we are artisans of watch display security cabinets and luxury safes, with our own and personalised model of  Watch Winder which enjoys advantages and strengths that we would like to emphasise for all those collectors who are looking for one of the best watch winders for their watches on today’s market.

What is a Watch Winder
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What is a Watch Winder: strengths and characteristics of our model

  • Our AG Watch Winder has a practical, modern and timeless design which is complemented perfectly by the interior design of our cabinets.

  • It is a model that combines our own knowledge and technology with the most advanced German technology.

  • The front is panelled with high quality edged leather and can be personalised with the initials of each customer, making the watch winder unique and made exclusively for your collection.

  • The motor is electric, silent and very reliable.

  • Our watch winder has been designed to rotate both ways, and can charge all types of watches with no problems whatsoever.

  • The number of daily rotations can be adjusted from 700 up to 3600 per day. 

  • It also enjoys a positioning system for watches in different sizes, with just one support, regardless of the size of the watch straps.

  • It can be installed easily in all of our models of security display cabinets and safes: Brutus, Ursus, Gladior and Troiano.

URSUS GLASS: a model of safe with a great quality, aesthetic, and that will allow you to view your watches through its security glass with complete peace of mind

What is a Watch Winder

Ursus is a safe for luxury watches designed and created to display and store, depending on the size chosen, from 12, 24 and up to 36 watches, with their respective Watch Winders. 

Like all of our models of safe, we offer each customer a high degree of personalisation, both interior and exterior, we can manufacture safes that are unique in the world.

Specifically, the URSUS GLASS series, designed and created to display our watches through security glass, like the entire URSUS series, has modules that can be fully personalised using different elements, such as high and low drawers, which are perfect for storing pens, jewellery and other valuable items and accessories for our watches such as, for example, seasonal straps. 

URSUS includes as standard a high security electronic closing, a vanity mirror inside the door, except in the URSUS GLASS Series, an automatic locking system in the event of an attack or intrusion, as well as a modern system of locking bolts to prevent the door from being closed with these facing outwards, damaging the exterior of the safe. 

In terms of the exterior, the finishes can be painted, high gloss coated, faux-leather or top quality leather, and in all cases, with different colours to choose from.

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Your watch collection should have the beautiful, exclusive and practical casing that it deserves and it is best not to make any mistakes when it comes to making the investment involved in buying one of our display cabinets. 

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