The Troiano armoured safety locker is the ultimate security solution to guard all kinds of valuables

Are you looking for the best way to keep your most precious items, like your watch, weapon or jewellery collections safe? Troiano is the ultimate solution. It’s an armoured security locker made of robust steel panels, creating an impenetrable design that allows you to keep your most valuable belongings protected.

Interior features of the Troiano armoured security locker

The interior is perfectly designed to place all kinds of valuables inside. It’s made up of panels with different options for customers to choose from including perforated panels that allow you to hang heavy objects, like weapons or paintings.

Additionally, we can incorporate our Ursus o Brutus safes inside, so you can store your watch and jewellery collections for peace of mind.

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We understand how important it is to maintain order inside the armoured safety locker, which is why we have thought of every detail to allow our customers to store every object with ease.

Exterior features of the TROIANO armoured safety locker

Troiano can be considered a bunker since its exterior is made of steel or stainless steel panels, depending on the level of safety required.

It’s very versatile and its module-based system allows us to customization its depth and, therefore, the volume, adapting to our customer’s preferences. What about the design and exterior appearance? There’s no need to worry since we offer different options, colours and finishes so that Troiano integrates perfectly into your home or business.

Other features of our armoured security locker

  • Lighting and air renewal:

    Everything is set up perfectly to protect the objects, with an interior LED lighting system with power outlets, air renewal through timers and a heating system.

    These elements are essential to protect all objects that can be stored inside (weapons, watches and jewellery collections, etc.) that could be affected by moisture and corrosion.

    With this system of constant air renewal, the passage of time will not affect in any way the items guarded inside, always maintaining the same impeccable appearance, ready to be admired or used.

  • Internal opening system:

    Do you need to be inside the security locker for a certain time to organize your brand new collection of watches? If you have to organise and handle the objects inside, there’s no need to worry since you do not need to keep the door open, exposing yourself to prying eyes.

    Once inside, Troiano allows you to completely close the door safely, thus allowing those who are handling the valuable objects and collections, to do so without concerns.

  • Electronic closure:

    We incorporate a state-of-the-art electronic security lock that is convenient and guarantees peace of mind.

  • Capacity expansion:

    Option to expand the bottom of the security cabinet, by installing successive modules 0.5 meters wide. We customize the volume and capacity according to our customer’s needs.

  • Alarm system (optional)

    Would you like additional security for your locker? Opt for Grade I:

    A 4 mm thick sheet of stainless steel and a special aluminium layer on the keyboard will allow you to detect intrusions with an alarm. Troiano is an armoured security locker that complies with current safety legislation and is made of the right materials to keep your valuables safe.

“With Troiano, you can feel confident that your best collections of luxury watches are kept in the safest place possible”

Juan Barberán, director and owner of Armando-G.

Let us advise you on our TROIANO armoured security lockers

Contact us and we will be in touch as soon as possible with professional advice. Do not leave your most precious objects in just anyone’s hands, trust ARMANDO-G’s experience; the best professionals in the craft of safes and luxury watch displays.

We strive to perfectly integrate our armoured security lockers into your home. We customize the exterior and interior, so that it fits the environment, offering modernity, aesthetics, comfort and of course security for your objects or collections.

We make sure that your luxury watches, jewellery, weapons and valuables, do not deteriorate inside. We take care of all the details and strive to make each box unique and exclusive. This is one of our greatest qualities as a company!

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