Caja Fuerte de Lujo Brutus 6

The Armando-G watches luxury safes: the perfect combination of esthetic, comfort and security

Designed for their daily use. Each one of our watches luxury safe is a combination of esthetic, made to measure manufacturing and mathematical precision. We offer a wide range of fully customizable options, to find the safe that adapts better to your taste and needs.

Experience tells us that in the luxury world there are no identical safes because every collection is different. Even the strongest safe can only be an effective protector element if it is comfortable for its daily use and this is what we take into consideration in Armando-G.

To decide to buy one of them is not only about being a collector, but it is more about going deep into the culture of respect for the elegant pieces that reveal beauty and exclusivity, such as your watches and jewels collection.

Watches luxury safes, safety cabinets and luxury showcases: the perfect place for your dream collection…


Caja Fuerte para Relojes


These pieces: watches luxury safes, safety cabinets and luxury showcases are our specialty. We have created new and exclusive series of safes with the purpose of being a perfect piece to hold your treasures and collections that have been so hard to obtain, but without renouncing to comfort or elegance.

We will design it for you according to you living room or dressing room style: the internal LED lights, covered with leather or the modular interior cells. The aim is to discover the watches luxury safe you have been dreaming about. We currently offer 4 different series: BRUTUS (basic and not customizable) URSUS, GLADIOR and TROIANO.

All of them are customizable, comfortable and secure, but also elegant and magnificent. Thanks to these luxury safes you will be able to show to your circles your passion for watches, jewels and other collectible objects that have an incalculable value for you.