A luxury safe in which we install a security glass to display items

This is a watch display safe that will enable you to safeguard your most treasured pieces, in an equally convenient, functional and secure way.  Your watches on display at all times to be able to admire them as the deserve.

We take great care and love in the entire manufacturing process, being able to guarantee that each piece is fully handcrafted and is unique for your safe: design, production, finishes, security elements…

Our master craftsmen have many years of experience making the safes piece by piece to subsequently assemble them by hand, always achieving the best quality and results possible. 

Specifically, the URSUS GLASS line has three different models–URSUS GLASS S, URSUS GLASS M and URSUS GLASS L–in which between 12 and 36 automatic wristwatch winders can be installed

luxury watch safe
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Technical characteristics and components installed as standard in the URSUS GLASS line of watch display safes

Watch display box

Firstly, the glass we install in the door of this line of watch display safes is security glass and of a large thickness and resistance to an attack. Furthermore, the door has a latest generation electronic lock, with rotation and locking on one single control, giving the whole product a minimalist touch that matches any type of existing décor. The URSUS series is never out of place, wherever it is positioned.

Moreover, all of the models offer a high degree of customisation, both internally and externally. For better lighting, we incorporate a modern system of LEDs that work using a remote control, as well as being able to incorporate all types of tall and short drawers to store jewellery, other valuable items and different accessories.
We line the interior with a high quality black velvet fabric and we have different options for the exterior, including finishing your safe with a premium quality leather external lining or lacquered (unpainted) with a high-gloss finish, also of a high quality. Both options in different colours to be chosen by the customer.
We manufacture in accordance with the European standard EN 1143-1 with or without certification (NG-No Grade, GIII-Grade 3) depending on each project, model of safe chosen and customer we are working with.

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An exclusive safe to store and display your self-winding watches; the BRUTUS model

This is a more basic box, but no less secure or practical, similar to the URSUS, but designed exclusively to store self-winding watches on its automatic rotors or on its static holders (non-rotating).

The interior cannot be configured with drawers for accessories and jewellery items like the URSUS series.

We also have three different models, with capacities for 6, 12 and 21 watches, as well as all of the options for exterior customisation mentioned above and, although it is our most basic model, just like the other safes, we also include an automatic blocking system for the door as standard which activates in the event of any intrusion, and an electronic lock with maximum security password and with rotation and locking on the same control.

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These are just two examples of our comprehensive range of luxury safes to store your watch and jewellery collection. 

To receive more detailed information or request a quote, you just need to spend a few seconds filling in this form and we will contact you straight away. 

You can also call us by telephone on +34 93 636 14 16 or send us an email to info@armando-g.com

To finish, it is important to emphasise that we always ensure that all of our exclusive luxury safes and watch cabinets fit perfectly in most of the existing surroundings in our customers’ homes, and our work does not finish until each order fully conforms to what you have ordered, being able to deliver, in each case, an exclusive, unique and bespoke safe. Here is the result…

This explains the growth of the company and the reason our products are exported to any part of the planet, no matter how remote or far away. 

Both the safes and display cabinets can be shipped carefully and guaranteeing they reach your home in perfect condition. We handle the packaging with the same care we give to our safes. We don’t leave anything to chance and seek perfection at all times!