Armando-G is proud to present its unique line of Infinity metal security cabinets. They are intended and designed to be placed underneath the watch safes of the URSUS range, forming an aesthetic and very practical column. In addition, this allows for better anchoring to the wall, making them a perfect match.

The Infinity security cabinets are a combination of design, functionality and security, giving you the peace of mind and space to store all kinds of things: cases, boxes, warranties and other accessories related to your automatic watches. This way, you can be confident that all the precious items you store there will be safe and secure.

What features or characteristics do the metal security cabinets in this line have?

The Infinity security cabinet has two adjustable shelves, with the possibility of incorporating a removable support tray, for greater comfort and security when the time comes to handle any object inside the safe.

This removable tray system can only be installed if the URSUS adaptable safe is purchased together with the metal security cabinets. This is because it is placed between the two elements.

Inside, both the security cabinet and the safe are lined with black velvet-type fabric. The exterior finishes can be in top quality leather, high gloss lacquered or painted, and all of them in different colours.

Security cabinets

The advantages of complementing security cabinets with safes

The URSUS Series safes are available in three different sizes: the URSUS S has space for up to 12 watches, the URSUS M has space for up to 24 watches, while the URSUS L has space for up to 36 watches.


However, the URSUS safe is not just for protecting watches, but is designed to combine automatic watch rotors with high, double drawers to protect your collection of watches, jewellery, fountain pens and other valuables that you want to keep secret.

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Troiano: another Armando-G security cabinet

Security cabinets

The Armando-G catalogue also includes other models of security cabinets. This way, everyone can get the cabinet that best suits their needs, and can store their valuables with the peace of mind that they will always be kept safe.

The Troiano is a great personal security camera. It is a modular vault ready to expand according to the customer’s needs. Thanks to its modular manufacturing system, it allows for customized manufacturing based on a basic model that can be modified in depth. In this way, modules of up to 0.5 metres can be added.

In addition, this security cabinet is ideal for storing all kinds of objects and collections, including long guns and their ammunition. Thanks to its lighting system, light socket, air renewal system and heating system, it protects the items from humidity and corrosion. In this way, you will have the guarantee that the valuables you put in the box will be safe and in the right conditions to be preserved.

At Armando-G we are experts in safety enclosures

At Armando-G we are firmly committed to designing unique safes and security cabinets, designed to display and protect your most precious valuables. In our products we take care of every detail of the process: from the design, through the production and ending with the finishes, which are usually characterised by being personalised and with an aesthetic that you will fall in love with from the first moment.

If you would like more information or have any doubts about which model of safe or security cabinet best suits your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on +34 93 636 14 16, by email at, or by filling in our online form. Our technical specialists will not stop until they find the metal safety enclosures you have always dreamed of, no doubt about it!

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