Security cabinets for your most precious valuables 1

The Armando-G INFINITY Series: a combination of design, functionality and security

Armando-G is proud to present its unique line of INFINITY metal safety cabinets. They are thought and designed to be placed under the URSUS safes, forming an aesthetic and very practical column. In these cabinets you will have the necessary security and space to store all kinds of things: cases, boxes, warranties and other accessories related to your automatic watches.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight that they are the ideal complement with which to support the weight of the URSUS safes, allowing a better anchorage to the wall and creating a perfect match.


What features do the safety cabinets of this series developed by Armando-G have?

These cabinets have two adjustable shelves, with the possibility of incorporating a removable support tray, for greater comfort and safety when it is time to manipulate any object inside the safe.

This removable tray system can only be installed if the URSUS safe is purchased together with the safety cabinet. Let’s say it is placed between the two elements.

Inside, both the safety cabinet and the safe are lined in black velvet type. The exterior finishes can be in premium leather, lacquered in high gloss or painted and all of them in different colors.


Ask for information without any commitment about the safety cabinets of Armando-G

Armando-G has made a firm commitment to design unique safes and safety cabinets, designed to show and protect your most precious valuables. The company takes care of the whole process: from the design until the finishing, which are usually characterized by being personalized and with an aesthetic to fall in love from the first moment.

If you want more information or have doubts about which model of safe or safety cabinet best suits what you need, do not hesitate to contact Armando-G. Your specialist technicians will not stop until you find the safety cabinet you have always dreamed of. Don’t doubt it!