The word “practicality” is what best defines the large GLADIOR watch safety cabinet. It is a safe-type security display with space for up to 80 automatic winding loaders for your watches. 

Through our security cabinet for GLADIOR watches, in Armando-G we want to promote better security mechanisms. In addition, we would like to offer the opportunity for the client to create a personalized safe to their taste and way, with optimal quality and exquisite design.

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The evolution of safety cabinets for watches

One of the most common concerns of people who own high-value items, such as jewellery, watches, documents, and other valuable objects, is to have a safe to protect their belongings.

Currently, the idea of a dark and metallic safe, installed in the basement of our house, has evolved towards the manufacture of modern safes, with a lot of style and designed with the organizational need that the client wants. 

Modern safes are more sophisticated, as they can contain layers of steel, filled with special materials, mechanical combination locks, electronic boards, biometric fingerprint readers, silent alarm buttons, and synchronized locks, among others. 


The initial objective, when we seek to protect our belongings in a safe, is to obtain high physical resistance against violent attacks. However, when choosing which safe is the one that best suits our needs, other factors also come into play. 

The current trend is the exclusive and specific design of the safe deposit boxes for each client. Therefore, at Armando-G we can guarantee that your safe will be unique, exclusive and made to your choice. This is thanks to the artisanal way of making them and the passion and commitment we put into making them.

In Armando-G you will find a company of artisans of safes, security cabinets and watch displays, with a long history, a great experience, authentic passion for their work. Therefore, all our products are designed from the perspective of a user passionate about the world of watches.

security cabinet for watches

Our luxury safes are designed to adapt to the environment in which they must be installed, without breaking either the aesthetics or the atmosphere of the place. Its elaboration is based on the 4 factors that define our brand: beauty, exclusivity, practicality, and safety.

As you can see, in Armando-G you will find a company that goes beyond the manufacture of a safe, but it is a company that allows you to offer a high degree of customization and with different materials to make each piece exclusive, unique and made to measure.

Safety cabinet for GLADIOR watches: know all its features

security cabinet for watches

At Armando-G we are specialists in the design and artisanal manufacture of safes and luxury displays. We like that the client can enjoy our boxes, that is why we take care of their aesthetics, both interior and exterior, and we take care that they are practical safes, but at the same time, that they can also integrate perfectly into the space where they will be installed.

One of the latest designs is the GLADIOR model, a safe for watches and jewellery, with its exclusive and practical opening system. In addition, it is thought and designed for large collectors who have the need to store not only watches, but also jewellery, fountain pens and other collector’s items.

All about GLADIOR

Gone are the typical, simple and crude metal safes, manufactured entirely in series and industrially, which used to hide inside a closet or behind a painting hanging on the wall.

Currently, we not only have better security mechanisms because we attach great importance to our customers having the possibility of creating a personalized safe according to their tastes and needs, with exceptional quality.

The GLADIOR model is the result of many prototypes to achieve what we call “the definitive design”. This luxury safe is designed for large collectors, since we can install up to 80 watch winders AG or automatic winding loaders for wristwatches, 40 on each side or also combined with drawers for jewellery, other valuables and other accessories.

Anyway, the most important and remarkable thing about GLADIOR is its exclusive opening system. Just by opening your door and pulling it out, all the saved pieces go outside so that they can be admired and manipulated without risk of friction or involuntary blows. 

What are the features of GLADIOR safes?

  • Exterior finish painted in Off Black (dark gray). Other colours are possible upon prior consultation, including the outer lining with premium leather.

  • Electronic combination closure.

  • Internally lined with black velvet fabric.

  • Inner set of cells prepared to place drawers adapted to store watches and various jewellery.

  • Front coating of AG watch winders or rope rotors using premium leather.

  • Automatic locking system for closing in case of direct attack on the door lock.

  • Locking system of the closing bolts to prevent that, if the door is closed with these bolts out, the outside of the safe can be damaged.

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security cabinet for watches

What are the types of GLADIOR models?

GLADIOR Blackpane: although it has the same capacity as GLADIOR, this model allows you to show several or all of your watches, being equipped with a safety glass on one or both sides. It also has a state-of-the-art LED lighting system with remote control ignition while it is closed so that you can admire all the pieces stored inside behind the safety glass.

GLADIOR COMBO: is the combination that allows you to store watches and jewellery as well as weapons, always depending on whether the legislation of the destination country allows it. For example, watches and jewellery on one side with safety glass and long and short weapons on the other opaque side without glass.

Consult experts, which is the safety cabinet for watches that best suits your needs

In addition to being passionate about watches, at Armando-G we are experts in devices to store them safely. Therefore, if you have questions or want to consult something about our security cabinets for watches, you can call us at the number 93 636 14 16, or fill out our contact form. We will be happy to answer all your questions!

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