The Rolex Submariner is a reference watch for any diver

Rolex Submariner

This watch is one of Rolex’s flagships, having become, over the years, a reference for the world of diving. The Rolex Submariner was launched in 1953, being the first hermetic wristwatch with which you could descend to 100 meters deep. This was a real achievement and marked a turning point in terms of technological advances in haute horlogerie.

This watch is the perfect mix and balance between reliability, robustness and functionality, created exclusively for underwater exploration and diving.

Benefits that make it the reference dive watch worldwide

One of its most outstanding strengths, without a doubt, is its rotating bezel. This allows 60-minute graduations to perfectly control both immersion time and decompression stops.

Manufactured using a hard and corrosion resistant ceramic, its disc has spectacular hardness, being almost impossible to scratch. On the other hand, thanks to the materials with which it has been manufactured, it is not affected by exposure to ultraviolet rays, chlorine or seawater.

This has managed to expand its target audience to explorers, athletes, elite athletes …

The Armando-G TUBE line: the ideal packaging for storing and displaying your Rolex Submariner

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