The Watch Winders in our boxes will allow you to always have your watches ready to be worn.

Have you heard of automatic watch motion boxes? If this is your first time reading about them, you’ll be blown away. Pay attention that we explain what are the Watch Winder that we include in the Armando-G boxes.

What is the Watch Winder mechanism that we implemented in Armando-G?

A Watch Winder is a specialized mechanism whose sole function is to turn watches automatically. It simulates the watch being in a wrist movement so that they are always ready to be used when their owner considers it appropriate.

Each one of our customers who purchase this product does not have to worry about its maintenance or operation, plus its a must for watch collectors.

At Armando-G we are artisans and manufacturers of security safes, which are used to display and store your watches, and luxury safes to store other types of valuable objects. 

In the same way, we have our own personalized Watch Winder model, which has some very characteristic peculiarities of our company that we would like to highlight.

movement cases for automatic watches

Any collector who is wanting to buy one of these gadgets can trust our motion boxes, because in our company you will find the best motion boxes for automatic watches on the market today. Likewise, we can assure you that within our catalogue we offer different lines of products, with a special design for the client’s discretion and camouflage which adapts to any environment.

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Types of Watch Winder or motion boxes for automatic watches available in our store

movement cases for automatic watches
  • URSUS GLASS: this is a high-quality safe model that stands out for its aesthetic value. It allows the watch collector to observe their belongings through its safety glass with complete peace of mind. It has been designed to display and store 12, 24 or 36 watches (depending on the size chosen), with their respective automatic winding watch winders. In the same way, different compartments are included to be able to store other elements and an automatic closure in case of robbery or intrusion.

  • AG ww: efficient design to be completed with automatic loaders from our company. This way an integrated product is achieved for the most detailed and demanding watches collectors being able to store other valuable and collectible objects.

Advantages of our Watch Winder models

The different peculiarities of each model allow you to select details in its exterior finish. In the same way, the customer can customize the Watch Winder to its liking, according to the needs and requirements required. Among the benefits of our products, we must highlight:

  • They are made with a totally practical design, modern and timeless.

  • Great knowledge and the most sophisticated technology combined with an advanced German technology.

  • The motor is electric, it does not make any noise and it is very reliable.

  • Automatic chargers can rotate in both directions.

  • The number of daily laps is usually from 700 to 3600 per day.

  • A watch placement system that adapts to the different sizes available.

More information about Watch Winder automatic watch movement cases

If you wish to receive more information about our different models of safes (Brutus, Ursus, Gladior and Troiano) or the different Watch Winders that we have available in our company, at Armando-G we guarantee you a totally personalized advice.

movement cases for automatic watches
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Armando-G was born in 2009, and, since then, we have been mainly dedicated to the design and craftsmanship of safes and luxury watch displays, our new line of business.

At the moment we have different series of safes and watch displays. Our work services are based on four fundamental values, which are: modernity, aesthetics, comfort and safety. All of them focus on offering the best products to our customers.

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We will offer you a high degree of customization, working with various materials and offering you different security safes that make up the different options that we have available, to ensure that each piece is exclusive, unique and made to measure.