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The watch is the best reflection of each person’s personality, it represents much more than a utilitarian piece, it is an example of good taste and style. In this post we want to talk about Swiss fine watchmaking. We will show you 4 of the main Swiss luxury watch brands, which are only available to a select few in this world. Taking advantage of the occasion, we also want to present you our luxury watch safes to protect watches, made in an artisan way and taking into account every detail, so that you store your fine watch pieces, along with other valuable belongings, in a safe, functional way and without breaking the aesthetics of your living room.

The 4 most expensive watch brands in the world

All these exclusive brands follow the classic watchmaking tradition, have a rich history, use innovative techniques and the highest quality materials, thus achieving the launch of authentic jewelery and setting trends in contemporary high-end watchmaking.

Patek Philippe: considered the best watch in the world and the inventor of the first wristwatch

Known for inventing the first wristwatch, as well as enjoying the best mechanics in the world, each piece of  Patek Philippe  is unique and unrepeatable, being one of the most prestigious watch brands in the world. Throughout its history, the company has been commissioned to create some of the most intricate watches in memory, such as the one bought by American banker Henry Graves in 1932, which already had a long list of special features at that time: perpetual calendar with Moon phases, power reserve indicator, New York City night sky, minute repeater with Westminster bells and chronograph … sold in 1999 for a staggering $ 11,000,000.

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Audemars Piguet and innovation in their designs

Another Swiss manufacturer among the most expensive watch brands in the world is Audemars Piguet. It was founded in 1875 and has manufactured some of the most spectacular and innovative watches on the market today, although it is also a brand known for making some of the world’s smallest models.

The most popular collection in their catalog is the Royal Oak series. This iconic watch collection was the first to use a non-precious metal, stainless steel, and sell the watches as a luxury piece.

Armando-G Watch Cabinet

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Vacheron Constantin and the creation of unique products

Vacheron Constantin is a company of Swiss origin that was founded in the year 1755, by Jean-Marc Vacheron, being one of the oldest exclusive watch manufacturers in the world. This prestigious brand has put the focus on all the details, style and shape so characteristic of its designers, to create unique products worthy of being considered authentic masterpieces.

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Rolex: The best-known luxury watch brand

To finish with this list, we cannot forget probably the most recognized brand in the world, Rolex. It is acclaimed and known by those who value Swiss haute horlogerie the most, synonymous of precision, beauty and quality. It was founded in 1905 in London. Its production is estimated to be approximately 2,000 watches per day and has a higher average resale value than any other exclusive watch brand.

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