Two exclusive luxury safes for the home that offer the perfect combination between security, aesthetics and complete convenience of use

As specialists in fine and luxury safes for the home, we have different models that are fully handmade. This ensures maximum care is taken of every detail and fitting, piece by piece, with different features and dimensions. At Armando G we can tailor them perfectly to your needs. 

The 4 lines we have in our catalogue–BRUTUS, URSUS, GLADIOR and TROIANO– offer a high degree of customisation, both inside and outside. We can guarantee that each customer’s safe will be exclusive and unique in the world.

The BRUTUS line

We will start with BRUTUS, a line of luxury safes that cannot be configured on the inside, given that we make them exclusively to store watches with their AG watch winders. This is the most basic line of our catalogue, but it stores your watches on watch winders in a practical, convenient and secure way, with complete confidence. It also enables you to have your watches showing the correct time and ready to wear whenever you like.

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luxury safes for the home

Specifically, in our catalogue, we have two different models of the BRUTUS line. One is for storing up to 6 watches and another for up to 12 watches, always on their watch winders.

The interior is usually finished in black velvet and the exterior painted or covered in natural or synthetic leather, all of a high quality and in different colours. This most basic line of our safes cannot be complemented with other options such as drawers for accessories and jewellery, but it is ideal for customers who just want to store their watches and have them always to hand.

BRUTUS is finished with additional elements such as a high security electronic locking system and a practical vanity mirror on the door. It is manufactured in steel with fire resistance.

The URSUS line

luxury safes for the home
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The URSUS line consists of different models of exclusive safes, with or without security glass (URSUS GLASS model), and with a capacity to store and protect 12, 24 or 36 watches, depending on the model chosen.

URSUS can be configured internally with different options. It is our best-known and best-selling range, providing complete satisfaction to its users thanks to being convenient and practical to use.  The URSUS series has been designed with the end user in mind. We also offer the option of installing high and low drawers to store pens, jewellery and other valuable items, not just watches.

This is an exclusive, fine and luxury safe for the home. It is very convenient and practical and boasts all of the security elements needed for you to store and show off your collection with both pride and peace of mind.

Inside, apart from the above-mentioned drawers, there is also the option to add static supports that do not rotate for battery operated watches or bangles and bracelets, among other types of jewellery.

It has an LED lighting system, a vanity mirror and, of course, watch winders for your watches which are extremely useful so you can have all of your pieces ready to wear and in perfect condition, without worrying about maintenance.

It also has an automatic re-locking system, an automatic securing system for the bolts to prevent damage to the door if it closes accidentally, a digital fingerprint reader, a dehumidifier…All with the highest quality black velvet finishes, which make it look elegant and add a soft and pleasant feel.

The exterior finish of the URSUS can be painted, lacquered and high gloss, or covered in natural or synthetic leather, all of a high quality and in different colours.  

INFINITY: a perfect security cabinet to install underneath our luxury URSUS safes

INFINITY security cabinets have been designed to be installed under the exclusive URSUS luxury safes, giving an aesthetic, functional and convenient column to store watch and jewellery boxes, instruction booklets, warranty documents…

It is important to mention that these cabinets are the perfect base for these safes and enable them to be anchored to the wall much more simply and quickly.

Inside, they have two height-adjustable shelves and, if required, a convenient and practical removable holder tray can be incorporated between URSUS and INFINITY to be able to place the pieces that are being handled at the time, preventing watches from falling and breaking. 

To request more information, you just need to spend a few seconds completing the form below. You can also send us an email to or call us by telephone on +34 93 636 14 16. We offer each of our customers a direct, personalised and friendly service, offering all of our knowledge and our passion for the items we are going to store in our exclusive luxury safes for the home. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

luxury safes for the home
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