We are proud to present a safe with a large safety display and space for up to 80 automatic watch winders

For all those who own items such as watches, jewellery, pens or any other valuable object, enjoy the peace of mind provided by a safe to protect your belongings at home.

However, we are not talking about the typical mass-produced greyish metal safes that remained hidden in the most remote places of our houses. Nowadays, we not only want to promote better security mechanisms, but the opportunity for the client to create a safe that is personalized to their preferences and habits, with optimal quality and exquisite design.

We have always offered customers the best safety products giving equal value to quality, aesthetics, comfort and modernity.

luxury safe closet

We are specialized in the design and craft of safes and luxury displays. We want our clients to be able to enjoy our safes, which is why we take care of their aesthetics both inside and outside. We make sure they are practical safes, but at the same time, integrate perfectly into the space where they are going to be installed.

Our 4 ranges of handcrafted safe boxes
luxury safe closet

GLADIOR: without a doubt one of our most complete, practical and luxurious safes

The perfect fusion between design, practicality and safety has been achieved with the creation of one of our star products, the luxury display safe called GLADIOR. To reach this result we developed up to ten prototypes, which allowed us to find what we call “the final design”.


What to keep in a luxury safe closet like GLADIOR

This luxury safe is designed for great collectors of watches, pens, jewellery and other valuables. It can house 80 automatic winding wristwatches, 40 on each side.

In addition, just by opening a door and pulling it out, all the safe items can be pulled out to be admired and handled without any risk of scratches or involuntary blows. In this way, access to your watches, jewellery, pens and other items is also very convenient for daily use. It’s almost as if the jewels come out to be admired rather than the other way round.

What’s more, this large safe offers options to combine its modules with the same elements available for URSUS: rotors, high drawers, low double drawers and static supports.

Watch Winders Armando-G
luxury safe closet

Technical features of the GLADIOR high-end closet safe

Manufactured following the European regulations EN 1143-1, the interior of this imposing cabinet and luxury safe is lined with black velvet. As for exterior finishes, we offer different options: with powder paint, lacquered or lined in leather in a variety of colours.

Meanwhile, the closure is electronic as per standard, with the option of installing a fingerprint control.

GLADIOR COMBO and GLADIOR Blackpane: more practicality, more exclusivity, more luxury

The GLADIOR COMBO version of this luxury safe closet allows you to store watches and jewellery along with weapons for those who are amateurs and have a license.

For daring customers looking for more exclusivity, GLADIOR also offers the possibility of being transformed into a display with watches visible through safety glass.

The transparent GLADIOR Blackpane safe can display 48 watches (24 on each side) through safety glass with fitted LED lighting. It’s designed to perfectly enhance everything that is kept inside and that you wish to display. The rest of the items is kept hidden so that the attention is exclusive on your watches and you have the option to customize it with thin drawers to store jewellery or other accessories.

Let us advise you on our GLADIOR luxury safe closets

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