If you want to relax in a dream setting, don’t miss our list of the most exclusive pools in the world

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Swimming over many carats gold, suspended in a vacuum, in the middle of the savanna, in a tropical environment… The luxurious pools that we will show you below turn the act of taking a dip into an exclusive and heavenly experience. They have earned the right to be a tourist destination in itself. If you like the combination of luxury, beauty and relaxation as much as we do, we recommend that you read on. 

Luxury pools: The St.Regis, the pool of gold

This pool is located in Tibet, within the facilities of the St Regis Lhasa Resort, and is designed for meditation and relaxation in its purest form. But the surprising thing is that it is gold plated, covered by thousands of golden tiles. Furthermore, the water inside is salty and its temperature is constantly between 28 and 32ºC; the hotel was built 3657 meters above sea level, seeking to be a heaven of complete peace, as it also has a spa, a meditation garden and yoga classes, among many other activities. 

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st. regis luxury pools

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jungle ubud

Pool in the middle of the jungle in Bali

In the jungle of Ubud (Bali), at the Awarta Nusa Dua Resort & Villas  hotel, this spectacular swimming pool is held on the edge of a valley, which blends in perfectly with the surroundings. As you can see, the entire complex is surrounded by nature. This has allowed it to be named the hotel with the best views in the world by Boutique Hotel Awards. In short, it is a luxury destination in the heart of the jungle.


Luxury pools: The Cambrian, the outdoor pool overlooking the Swiss Alps

The Cambrian hotel’s outdoor heated pool in the Swiss Alps gives the feeling of swimming straight into the snow-capped mountains (in winter). In addition, it is equipped with massage jets to relax the muscles of skiers in the snow season, after an intense and exciting day of skiing.

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the cambrian pool

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the library

The Library’s Red Pool

This pool that is located in Koh Samui, Thailand, has a red color due to the mosaic of orange, yellow and blood red glass tiles inside. At night, the lights inside the pool are transformed into a dazzling spectacle that makes it a unique pool on the entire planet.

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