Within reach of a select few: the world’s most expensive luxury houses

Since we know that our clients like luxury as much as we do, at Armando-G we wanted to show and analyze some of the most expensive mansions in the world, which, for sure, will leave you speechless. They are all for sale, but their price can only be paid by a select few in the entire planet.

Casas de lujo

The One- Bel Air luxury house / Source: El País

The One, Bel Air California 

One of the most expensive mansions in the United States. With a plot of about 9,300 m2, it can be purchased for an initial price of $ 500 million.

This impressive mansion is located on top of a hill, in the most exclusive area of ​​the Bel Air neighborhood, in California. It has 18 rooms, 25 bathrooms and incredible panoramic views of the city of Los Angeles and the Pacific Ocean. This home is completed by a disco with its own VIP room, an IMAX cinema, five elevators, a library, a huge gym, a spa with a steam bath and Jacuzzi, four swimming pools and a beauty salon.

Middle Gap Road- Hong Kong 

This house has about 1,900 m2. It is relatively small, but it sells on the market for about $ 446 million. It has 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. It is surrounded by a fairly large plot with a pool. So why is this house so expensive? Because it is located in one of the most coveted areas, in one of the most expensive housing markets in the world. To understand this better, it is worth mentioning that the average price of m2 in Hong Kong exceeds twenty-eight thousand euros.

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Luxury Homes

Middle Gap Road Luxury House- Hong Kong / Source: ABC

Luxury Homes

Palace of the Bubbles- France / Source: El Idealista

The Bubble Palace by Pierre Cardin- France

With a psychedelic design, this is a truly spectacular villa. It was designed in 1975 by the Hungarian architect Antii Lovag. It was the vacation home of one of the biggest fashion icons, Pierre Cardin.

It has about 3,962 m2 and has been put up for sale for $ 390 million. The mansion has 10 rooms, several swimming pools, green areas, an amphitheater for 500 people and a structure, where the circumferences and the curved windows in the shape of a drop, are the main attractions.

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