The most recognized brands and designers of the moment gathered in the French capital

Beautiful people, expensive cars, luxury watches and dazzling jewelry. The Paris Fashion Week, held from September 23 to October 1, 2019, was a very special event, both for designers and models and for their passionate visitors. It presented the new collections and fashion trends for the next season, which came from the hand of such renowned brands as Cartier, Repossi, or Valentino, among many others. These seized galleries and walkways to surprise all attendees with their latest and most groundbreaking collections of luxury accessories and couture dresses.


Paris Fashion Week


The luxury accessories that stood out at the Paris Fashion Week: Armando-G shows them in great detail

Cartier Panthère watch


Cartier Panthère watch


As lovers of luxury watches, we want to start with the Cartier Panthère watch. We speak of a timeless and flexible icon, which has become a symbol of the brand. It shows sophistication, elegance, exquisiteness and passion for luxury items.

The truth is that this line of Cartier watches has been designed to complement from a sober and classic look to a more daring and groundbreaking style. It has different models of steel, gold, white gold and, in some cases, diamonds.

A gold model with some black lacquered parts was also presented, breaking with the classic aesthetic that usually characterizes this internationally renowned brand.

In short, a spectacular watch line, designed for lovers and collectors of luxury accessories, which Cartier wanted to surprise and fascinate from the start.

In this sense, from Armando-G, we want to show you our watch cabinets of the TUBE series, ideal to show to the world the passion you feel for your watches, fully customizable and available in different sizes.


Jewels of Repossi and Selim Mouzannar


Jewels of Repossi and Selim Mouzannar


If we are looking for jewelry that will attract the attention of visitors, it is our obligation to mention the designer Selim Mouzannar. He presented his collection of “Gemma” rings, with morganites and dazzling aquamarines. A line formed by a set of pieces with a contrast of gems of different tones and pasted in the same jewel.

Secondly, we cannot forget Repossi, which with its contemporary style set a trend thanks to its spectacular line of jewels Blast, a powerful and imposing collection of accessories that brings together the essence and reminds us of tradition, art and African style.

In this case, it is our obligation to show you the line of safes for jewels and watches of the URSUS series, luxurious, with high performance and a high degree of customization, with which you will protect your most precious treasures as they deserve.


The bags of Valentino, Loewe, and Thom Browne


Bags of Valentino, Loewe, and Thom Browne


The runway of the Paris Fashion Week is clearly the best showcase where to show up for any designer, both for haute couture and luxury accessories and complements. In this sense, the bags had a leading role from minute one. Valentino, Loewe and Thom Browne were the ones who had the best reception among the public in Paris. We can only anticipate that the “maxi” format, the feathers, the details with jewels or diamonds and the natural tones, neon or pastels, will return with great force in 2020.

The logo, as center of attention

Logomania is an upward trend in the fashion world, as could be seen throughout the week in the French capital. The vast majority of top designers presented models with a large logo, symbol of elegance, quality, and exquisiteness that wasted their impressive designs. For example, Valentino opted for a mini bag, gold color, and with the logo as the main focus of attention.