Another of our true passions is jewelry, an example of good taste, style and personality. In this post we want to talk about high jewelry and our jewelry safes. We will show you the top 3 of the world’s most expensive and exclusive brands. Taking advantage of this occasion, we also want to present you our luxury jewelry safes, handcrafted and taking into account every last detail, fully personalized and unique, so that you can store all your valuable belongings, in a safe and secure way, in line with the aesthetics of your living room. 

Jewelry safes
jewelry safes

The three most exclusive and luxurious jewelry brands in the world according to the Luxury Institute

The Luxury Institute is an organization made up of the largest global network of luxury executives and experts, dedicated to drawing up lists with the world’s most recognized brands in each area of ​​this sector. What concerns us today is high jewelry, and we want to show you the three most important and exclusive brands in the world according to this entity.

harry winston

Harry Winston and his passion for diamonds

According to this institution, Harry Winston is the most exclusive brand in the world, being one of the most expert and specialized in making and designing jewelry with diamonds and diamonds of the highest quality. The price of a pair of the simplest earrings ranges around $ 3,700.

The company opened in 1936 in New York, after having acquired the famous jewelry collection of billionaire Arabella Huntington, with the intention of redesigning the entire collection and keeping it alive over time. Since then and for more than 80 years, Harry Winston has been creating incredible designs of fine diamond jewelry, being the main reference for this type of jewelry throughout the planet. 

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If we are looking for high Italian jewelry, the first reference is always Buccellati

Buccellati was a jeweler that marked an era and a very particular style that, even today, is a reference for many jewelers around the world. Buccellati pieces can be found in the most famous and traditional jewelers in Europe, such as the one at the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, or the mythical Place Vendôme in Paris. Natural pearls and blue topaz often complete Buccellati designs. We are talking about a family business that, with time and know-how, has expanded in an overwhelming way to become every institution and the standard of Italian fine jewelry. 

Jewelry safes

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bucellati luxury jewelry
van cleff arpels zip

Van Cleef Arpels and the Zip Collar

We finish our list of exclusive jewelry brands with Van Cleff Arpels. A company founded in 1906 and which today is one of the leading brands in world fine jewelry. He made history with the creation of the Zip Collar, a piece that combines humor and refinement by appropriating an everyday object in a radically different context. Zippered, it can also be worn on the wrist, as a bracelet. Crafted in round diamonds and baguette cut set in platinum, it is an icon of luxury and exclusivity typical of this brand with so much history. 


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