¿What are the advantages of our fire resistant safes?

¿How useful is a fire resistant safe? When we think of acquiring a safe, we think not only of protecting our belongings from theft, but also of situations that can affect the quality of what we keep.

Fire is the number one concern for most buyers, especially if they live in remote areas. 

At ARMANDO-G, all our luxury safes are designed to adapt to the environment in which they are to be installed, without breaking the aesthetics or the atmosphere of the place. Its elaboration is based on the 4 factors that define our brand: beauty, exclusivity, practicality and safety.

Fire resistant safe
Armando-G: pure elegance

The evolution of safes

One of the most common concerns of people who have high-value items such as jewelry, watches, documents and other valuables, is to have a safe to protect them. 

The stereotypical idea of ​​a gray and metallic safe, installed in the basement of a house, has evolved into the manufacture of modern safes, with a lot of style and designed with the organizational need that the client wants in mind.

Modern safes are more sophisticated, as they may contain layers of steel, mechanical combination locks, electronic boards, biometric fingerprint readers, silent alarm buttons, and timed locks, among others. 

At ARMANDO-G, our luxury safes are designed to adapt to the environment in which they are to be installed, without breaking the aesthetics or the atmosphere of the place.

What kind of fire resistant safe can you choose?

When we seek to protect our belongings in a safe, the main objective is to obtain high physical resistance against violent attacks. At Armando-G, we go one step further and also manufacture fire-resistant boxes.

Fire resistant safe

Why choose ARMANDO-G fire resistant safes?

 All Armando-G products are designed on four values ​​that characterize us: 

modernity, aesthetics, comfort and safety. We try to ensure that our pieces blend in perfectly with the environment where they are to be installed. 

For this reason, we offer a high degree of customization and work with different materials that make up our extensive product offering, making each piece exclusive, beautiful and 100% personalized.

Do not miss a thing

As can be seen, the current trend is the exclusive and specific design of safes for each client. That is why at Armando-G, we can guarantee that your safe is unique, exclusive and made to your choice, thanks to the traditional way of manufacturing them and the passion and commitment that we put into making them.


Artisans of luxury fire resistant safes

At Armando-G you will find a company of artisans specializing in safes, security cabinets and watch displays. We have a long history, great experience, authentic passion for our work and we guarantee that we will design your piece with all the love and delicacy it deserves. 

At Armando-G we have four different models of exclusive fire-resistant safes, with different sizes and possible adaptations.


It is a safe specially designed to store wristwatches, with or without automatic winding chargers. The Brutus model has been designed for all those customers who want to protect, safeguard and wind their automatic watches.


The Armando-G URSUS model is a combination of a safe and an exhibitor for Watch Winders or automatic winding watch chargers.

It is a combinable design with drawers of different sizes to store watch accessories or also to store jewelry.

There is the option of choosing between high or low drawers to store jewelry or other valuables, as well as our watch accessories.

Fire resistant safe


Safe and security exhibitor for large collectors that allows you to store both watches and jewelry, pens and other valuable and collectible objects. The GLADIOR model allows you to store up to eighty Watch Winders or automatic winding chargers and forget about having to wind your automatic watches.

On the other hand, the removable door system will make it easier for you to reach and fully view your most valuable belongings. Like Ursus, it can also be combined with drawers for your jewelry, pens, and other valuables.


The Troiano design is made of a noble material such as stainless steel. It stands out for its extraordinary hardness and for being removable. It allows you to store all kinds of valuables, personal belongings and even weapons (depending on the country’s regulations), both short and long, organized and hung on its interior panels.

It starts from a basic model and allows adaptations and combinations according to your needs and tastes. Being able to extend in length, the camera accommodates more items to achieve a very complete security system.

If you are looking for a fire resistant safe, you will find it at Armando-G

Fire resistant safe

 If after reading this article you are interested in any of our fire resistant safe models, just tell us.

At Armando-G we can customize the model you choose, as if it were a tailored suit.

You can write to us at info@armando-g.com  and tell us how you want your personalized safe to be, what objects it should store and what finishes you want. 

If it is more convenient for you, you can also call us at +34 93 636 14 16.

¿Which safe are you interested in?